Quotes II p 51

Despite this culture’s success in material wealth and the growth of technical knowledge, the full flowering of the potential of human being has not yet occurred.

We seem trapped by the very knowledge and language that have brought us to our present stage of civilization. We recognize our dissatisfaction and frustrations, but we are unable to escape from the patterns that keep us locked in suffering.

The continual warfare that plagues our times is one sign that this is so.

Lotus Mind

Quotes II P 47

The riches we can discover in our own hearts are a precious resource for all humanity.

They don’t just belong to us–they come alive when we share them.

That is why it matters so much to cultivate love, joy and compassion.

We do it not just for ourselves, but for everyone.

Dimensions of Mind

Quotes II P 37

The Power of Goodness

Instead of focusing on your limits and shortcomings, see if you can make it your practice always to turn toward the good.

When you are tired or frustrated, say to yourself, “I dedicate my action to the joy of others. I know that I have limits, but still I dedicate all my actions to their welfare, knowing that this has merit.”

From time to time, encourage yourself to do more than you think possible. Remind yourself that you can work toward the good, can accumulate merit and the power to act for the sake of all beings. Your influence can ripple out in all directions, and you can make a difference in reality.

Annals 7 – Book 15

QuotesII P 29

At the heart of caring is an “and,” not an “or”.

Deep within us lies a potential that transcends our artificial limitations.

Can we embrace the possibility that we are fully capable of caring globally, in every direction—that the compass of caring could open 360 degrees?


Quotes II P 35

Prayers can open the heart, so that when we are discouraged we do not give up. If we are sincere, asking for guidance–heart to heart–our hearts will communicate an inner message, as will the senses. The heart will lend its power, intelligence, and encouragement to all we do.

We could call this way a secret path, for it is deeply personal, and is not about external shows of religious feeling. We do not seek to convert our way of life.

We are simply messengers of caring.


Quotes II p 23

Exercise: Protect Your Potential

Take a moment to reflect on the people in your life who, one way or another, could not achieve their full potential. Consider what their lives might have been like if they had been able to commit to their best selves and bring them into being.

Imagine the beauty and goodness they would have added to the world.

Now, make a list of your own inner aspirations, your dreams for yourself. Look at them carefully, and consider whether they are worth a deep investment of your time and energy.

If you are convinced, make a promise in the memory of all your friends and loved ones who couldn’t make their aspirations come true, you will do better: you will not give up on yourself.