A moment of awareness

Realizing how much freedom and control you actually have can be frightening; so much so that you resist being aware.

Usually, right at the moment when you are about to slip into a neurotic or destructive pattern or make a wrong choice, there is a moment of awareness.

But if you have reasons for not wanting to be aware, the moment passes unacknowledged.

If you want to deepen your practice, work on keeping that moment of awareness active.

Joy of Being

Penetrate our illusions

Knowing that you do not stand on anything can be liberating.

Perhaps you think you are not good enough or smart enough, not sufficiently successful or loving enough to be free.

But who brings up these doubts?

Who is being addressed and who receives the answers?

If we can penetrate our illusions, acting with love and responsibility, we see there is nothing to lose.

Know this: There are ways to make knowledge richer and broader.

There is no need to worry or fear. . . . There is nothing to gain and nothing to lose. you can relax and take the next step into ease.

Lotus Language

The most rewarding love

The most rewarding love we can realize is the love that is already within us, at the heart of our being.

Here there is an infinite source of warmth that we can use to transform our loneliness and unhappiness.

As we contact this nurturing energy, we find the inner resources necessary to be truly responsible for our own growth and well-being.

We learn to maintain a healthy body and mind, and to care for ourselves in the best possible way in every situation.

When our ability to fulfill our own genuine needs expands, we are able to truly help others as well.

Hidden Mind of Freedom

The need to fit in

Everyone now plays the game the same way, and each of us reflects it to others.

Within this framework, we endure a subtle, yet pervasive kind of bondage, lured by promises of pleasure and hopes of success, and driven from behind by doubts, worries, dissatisfaction, fear, and the overpowering need to fit in. 

Revelations of Mind 

A silent nature

Every single thought, every moment of experience, has a silent nature within it that we can contact directly.

If we understand this silent, meditative quality, there is no need to fight or subdue anything or anyone. 

Waking Up To Infinite Possibilities

Explore more deeply

Sometimes accidentally, perhaps when touched by extraordinary beauty and grace, mind breaks free of its regimes and seeks to simply be.

Then we may glimpse the clarity that mind can convey in even the most humble surroundings, without the supports of wealth and power.

Although our habitual patterns soon return, having glimpsed this extraordinary new face of mind we may wish to explore more deeply what we may not have noticed before. 

Revelations of Mind

Use what you have

Use what you have.

If you don’t have what you need or want, don’t worry and don’t be too anxious to have more.

Just try to appreciate whatever you have – your body, your mind, your material things, your sensations, your feelings, your knowledge – whatever you are doing.

Be kind to yourself.

Take the time to reevaluate what a fortunate opportunity you have and contemplate the tremendous pain and suffering and confusion of others. Whenever you are depressed or feel hopeless or desperate, use the energies within your meditation.

And at other times, when you are extremely joyful and positive, do not become too attached.

In other words, whatever happens, up or down, use your experience to learn and to become more aware.

Once everything becomes mediation, you can find this balance, this peace, this contentment.

Life will not seem too difficult and you will become ever more open, more fully able to appreciate all you already have and are. 

Crystal Mirror 4, Opening to the Dharma