Quotes II p 19

We may not have enough money or power to help great numbers of people, but we could embody this knowledge of caring.

We could manifest practical caring in word and gesture, impression and expression.

Mindful of this, it is time to ask ourselves, very seriously:

How much meaning and satisfaction do our actions bring?

What have we gotten back from our investment?

Have we healed our hearts?

Have we known the depth of love?

Have we benefited others?


Quotes II p 119

What I have learned from the example of my teachers is that work is worth it. We can strive to see the world through new eyes. We can learn to recognize in our own existence a precious opportunity to do some good.

Most of all, we can learn to leave a legacy.

I think this is what “transmission” ultimately means: A sense of depth fearlessly plumbed, discipline joyfully embraced, and the capacity to share what we have learned.

This is our legacy.

This is what we leave behind.

Thoughts on Transmission

Quotes p 17

Morning Exercise

As soon as you get up in the morning, take three deep breaths, aware of the inhale and exhale. At first you will have to remind yourself to do this, but soon it will become a habit, one that can be deeply rewarding.

Before the first thought or concern enters your mind, let this positive experience shape the coming day. Let yourself enjoy the way the whole body engages the breath, together with the way that breathing connects you to the world around you.

Later in the morning, but still before you begin your round of daily activities, take a few moments to reflect on your good fortune. Even if you are dealing with obstacles or with sad and painful circumstances, you can remind yourself how remarkable it is to be alive and in possession of your faculties.

You have made contact with teachings that can help you get more out of life, and you can form positive intentions and act on your own values.

Let this refection inspire you.