More room for appreciation

Allowing more room for appreciation in our lives we can see situations not so much as problems to be acted upon, but as opportunities for inquiry and learning.

This attitude gives us space to observe the scope of our situation more clearly and to discover more effective ways of responding.

When we begin to free ourselves from the need to react, even emergency situations can stimulate a new clarity and depth of vision that invite new insights and creative actions. 

Knowledge of Freedom 


If we were ever truly mindful of how fleeting life is; if we fully experienced the relevance of this general proposition in our own lives then lethargy would have no hold on us.

We would interpret far fewer states of affairs as problems, and the few we did acknowledge would not seem so very discouraging after all. 

Footsteps on the Diamond Path Volume I-III

Left alone

When the breath is balanced, it is like an expansive lake with very still water.

Left alone, the lake reflects the things around it very beautifully.

But if we disturb the lake by throwing a rock into it, a clear and beautiful image can no longer form.

Watching our breath, we can see whether it is still and balanced.

If it is out of balance, then by watching with care we can discover what disturbs us.

Footsteps on the Diamond Path Volume I-III.

Quotes – Breath

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The flow of breath

The key to natural protection from emotional stress and tension is mindfulness of the breath.

Mindfulness is not forceful control, but an attentive awareness of what is occurring.

When we remain quiet and observe the flow of the breath, the body and mind naturally release the energy stored in tension from its dense and solid forms.

Liberated, this energy increases vitality and clarity and strengthens our ability to defuse pressures.

Instead of being caught up in a cycle of escalating pressure, we can develop an abiding peace and clarity that grow from within. 

Knowledge of Freedom 

Unity of heart and head

In ancient times, people understood that wisdom depended on the unity of heart and head, but today that understanding is rare.

We know how to polish and harden the intellect till it gleams, but we do not quite know how to let the heart be vulnerable.

Yet it is the heart that proves to be indestructible. 


The way we breathe

New Quotes – Breath book

Because breathing charts the life rhythms, the way we breathe signals the disposition of our energies. When we are agitated or excited, our breath tends to be uneven and rapid; when we are calm and balanced, our breathing is even, slow and soft.

This close relationship between our breathing patterns and our energies means that we can alter our mental and physical states by the way we breathe. 

Tibetan Relaxation

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Deeply ingrained patterns

In the rhythms of time, human beings are born and manifest, each one differently.

Problems arise and become more complex; life fills with obstacles that we step around with caution and fear.

We accumulate all kinds of baggage that we carry with us as deeply ingrained patterns.

Unexamined and nurtured through repetition, these patterns imprison our lives and drain them of accomplishment and joy. 

Revelations of Mind 

Becoming Mindful

Constant awareness of whatever we are doing is even more important than formal meditation or practice, for when we are mindful every moment, our confidence and balance increase.

And eventually we will understand how crucial every thought, word, and action is both for ourselves and for others.

Tibetan Meditation 

Quotes – Breath

Quotes – Breath book cover

Introduction to Breath

“Perfect ease is not an ordinary part of mindset; it may take some practice.”

The following quotations from Tarthang Tulku’s writings remind us of the importance of breath, relaxation and balance in our lives. Awareness of our breathing grants us the fortunate opportunity to look within; no need to search outside ourselves for happiness, peace, harmony or a sense of well-being. The journey leads inward.

May these insights encourage inquiry, inspire practice, build confidence and bring balance to our lives.

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