Contemplative Space

Recently, we have launched a new initiative: creating contemplative spaces that will feature “Quotes of Wisdom.” 

These are spaces of beauty, quietude, inspiration and reflection — spaces that create a natural sense of curiosity and inquiry, a pause in the daily routine, free from the busyness and distractions of everyday life. 

The simple environment of contemplative space invites you to take an empty folio, and look around at quotations displayed in pocket holders. Each holder contains a quote from Tarthang Tulku’s books. Visitors can take as many quotes as they like, place them in the insert in the folio, and sit and reflect or take them home.

The proposal to create Quotes of Wisdom Exhibits has been received with open arms by universities throughout the country. So far this fall the Quotes of Wisdom exhibit will open to students, faculty and the public:

  • Wellesley College
  • Montana State University
  • University of Montana
  • Stanford University
  • Dharma College
  • University of California – Berkeley

Discussions have begun with:

  • Tufts University
  • Trinity University
  • Flathead Valley Community College

More contemplative spaces are expected to be forthcoming this fall.

The “Quotes of Wisdom Exhibit” seems to speak to a time where people are sincerely interested in finding balance and harmony in a world filled with discord, confusion, fear and emotionality. The opportunity to reflect on insights in a contemplative space provides a fresh way of connecting to a deeper understanding of human potential.

If the Quotes of Wisdom Exhibit interests you please visit: for more information.