Quotes II P 77

As we study, we may find ourselves wondering how: how can we bring balance into our life?

How can we find a way not to depend on external conditions and objects?

How much knowledge can we bring to our lives, and how can we unite with this knowledge? How can we embody it?

How seems to demand action; but paradoxically, the best way to work with these hows may be to practice stillness.

Knowledge of OK Mantra

Quotes II P 67

It is vitally important for our own well-being that we comprehend and see through our automatic patterns in which language and thought have trapped us…

We have accepted a self-identity that narrows and shadows our access to knowledge.

Lotus Mind

Quotes II P 59

Mind is the agent for knowledge, the collector of knowledge.

It is the one who guides us on our journey.

It promotes our activities and it sets the course we follow.

It is mind that determines whether we will succeed or fail, whether we will experience happiness or unhappiness.

We may have great accomplishments and perfect training, but what we do with our lives seems dependent on mind.


Quotes II P 97

Meditation Exercise

We breathe. We feel. We notice.

We are not noticing anything in particular, not picking objects out of the background.

We are just noticing; just relaxing.

Notice then relax; the notice some more, and relax some more.

Maybe this is less complicated than we think, and less conceptual; maybe there is no point that could not be opened, if we are gentle and patient enough.

Keys of Knowledge

Quotes II P 61

We can begin by exercising our minds and looking to ourselves to discover more about human nature.

We live with ourselves twenty-four hours a day; if we value health and happiness, we should make the effort to know at least ourselves well.

Then we can understand what our minds really need and nourish them better, for the benefit of self and others.

Thoughts on Transmission

Quotes II P 57

Even when life seems to go along more or less adequately on the surface—or perhaps especially then—we may feel uneasy that we’re repeating ourselves, or stagnating.

Our anxious underlying search for security, our endless array of attachments, angers and desires may be slowly suffocating the heart and shadowing the soul.

How sad, when we might have access to a light in mind, a light that is already presenting, if only we knew how are heart might be open to it.

Lotus Mind