Seeds of separation and disharmony

Leaders among us have created impressive buildings, conquered powerful enemies, made millions in the stock market, gained power over many thousands of people, or become known throughout the world.

But what do such accomplishments mean after we are no longer alive?

Our lives and all our resources may have been dedicated to such activities, as have the lives and resources of countless others, generation after generation repeating the same model, building on what came before.

But this way of living and acting has perpetuated the kinds of suffering that we have endured throughout human history.

It has also nourished the seeds of separation and disharmony, cultivated from the outset in our patterns of perception and expressed in nearly every aspect of our language and culture. 

Revelations of Mind 

Conventional education system

American universities and colleges may be the best in the world, and they offer training in many careers, teach how to perfect many worldly skills, and give guidance in how to manipulate many materials and ideas.

Yet the result is only to strengthen ego and self.

There is little in the conventional educational system that points toward true selflessness and compassion or extends understanding beyond the realm of the intellect. 

Journey of Enlightenment Volume 2 

A sense of wholeness

We may attempt to regain a sense of wholeness through ownership of our families, property or material wealth, in this way trying to exert control over our lives.  

However, such control is artificial and out of touch with the natural laws and cycles that govern our bodies, minds, and the world around us.

It leaves us feeling trapped and unfulfilled, alienated from that with which we seek connection—ourselves, our loved ones, the universe itself. 

Tibetan Relaxation 

Out of touch

The constant excess and misuse of our resources can dull our sense of the difference between real and extraneous needs. 

We come to value things for the short term, to think only of enjoyment and convenience, and we fail to take a broader perspective. 

We grow out of touch with the basic values of life, and we end up forgetting the many others who never have enough. 

If we were close enough to truly feel another’s needs, every one of us would give help.  

But when our values are clouded, when we are insulated by a cushion of material comfort, it is hard to perceive, much less respond to, the needs and difficulties of others.

When we recognize what our wasteful habits do to our lives, to our work, to our relationships, we can come to know our real needs more clearly. 

We stop responding so readily to our superficial desires and are able to concentrate our energies on things that are truly meaningful to us, the things that make our lives worth living. 

Skillful Means


Central to the very heart of reality, a beautiful vision is available – when we can ‘see’ without adopting limiting positions.

This vision concerns Space, which is primordially peaceful, open. In its openness it is an open-ended accommodating of various views, all welling up, floating, gathering within Space.

Although undisturbed, it is filled with appearance.

Space is therefore not static, but is instead a serene explosion of expanding creativity, filling all the eons of pasts and futures, without exhausting its openness or its capacity for exhibiting a further wealth of presences.

Time Space and Knowledge