Finding Silence

To understand who we are and what we are doing, we must understand the meaning of silence.

Within silence there is a balance – mind and body become transparent, and we discover who we really are.

When everything becomes simplified through silence all the tangles of our inner knots and problems gradually dissolve.

True silence comes from within. It is not merely the absence of speech: it is pure, naturalness – absolutely calm, without fixation, without preparation.

Nothing is required except, simply to be.

Tibetan Meditation


Awareness generally means to be “aware of some thing”— to look at objects, to recognize, identify, and try to understand them.

This is commonsense awareness.

But as a living experience, natural awareness is simple and direct, open and responsive, without concepts, words, images and interpretations.

Awareness takes place within the first moment, not before, and not after.

It is immediate, spontaneous.

There is no other “thing” to obscure the moment—there is no subject or object, no time or space.

All that remains is within this openness, which neither words nor concepts can describe.

There is complete freedom from our restless attempts to hold on to something, to be secure in some distraction or some trance-like fixation.

There is no fear and no guilt—no desire to escape or be any other way.

This awareness becomes complete self-acceptance and generates a fresh new outlook all its own. 

Tibetan Meditation

Quotes II P 23

Exercise: Protect Your Potential

Take a moment to reflect on the people in your life who, one way or another, could not achieve their full potential.

Consider what their lives might have been like if they had been able to commit to their best selves and bring them into being.

Imagine the beauty and goodness they would have added to the world.

Now, make a list of your own inner aspirations, your dreams for yourself.

Look at them carefully, and consider whether they are worth a deep investment of your time and energy.

If you are convinced, make yourself a promise in the memory of all your friends and loved ones who couldn’t make their aspirations come true, you will do better: you will not give up on yourself.


Slave to our own desires

This society generates all sorts of toxic patterns, which are reflected in the operations of the mind and senses in words and thoughts, and in individual character.

So it’s safe to predict that when you track out your feelings, you will discover various negativities.

Most people recognize that this culture stimulates more and more cravings—it operates on that basis and couldn’t really function otherwise.

You can see it most easily with drugs and other forms of addiction, but in fact the same dynamic operates in countless other ways.

Growing up in this society, we learn to want more goods and services, better vacations, more exciting news, more approval from others.

It never stops.

The craving itself becomes toxic—even if what we want seems harmless enough, the craving causes us harm at the deepest level.

We become slave to our own desires. 

Dimensions of Mind 

A Place in Society

Many people may not be aware that the spread of western science and technology throughout the world is precipitating rapid changes in traditional values and lifestyles, upsetting the balance of entire cultures.

Occupations that gave millions a place in society, however humble, are being displaced by new methods and technology that leave many with no employment or position.

The sense of inherent human worth and self -respect, which once could be maintained even in the face of poverty, is being lost as human value is coming to depend more exclusively on wealth and power. 

Knowledge of Freedom 


Merit is not an easy concept for Westerners to understand.

In one way, however, it is simple.

When you act with compassion, free from anger, that is merit.

When you make a gift freely, or cultivate peace within yourself, or for others, that is merit.

When you care for another; showing your love, helping them heal, that is merit.

When you devote your efforts to transforming the suffering of the world, the pollution of the planet, and the inner toxicity that plagues us all, you are manifesting the power of merit.

Whatever you do out of goodness is a manifestation of merit. 

Challenging Journey, Creative Journey