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Knowledge as a trophy

When a knower sets a period at the end of inquiry and claims that this is knowledge, it’s a little like posing with knowledge as a trophy: the spoils of the hunt.

Now we possess a territory that was outside the perimeter.

But possession of knowledge does not capture the liberating dynamic of knowing.

It merely replaces one framework, one boundary of knowledge with another.

Is this really helpful? 

We don’t need another theory, nor do we need to construct more units of meaning.

The knowing we are interested in is the knowing of the space that makes language and appearance possible. 

Lotus Language 

Change your experience

 …everything you experience, through all the ups and downs, all the twists and turns, will involve mind—how it perceives, how it reacts, how it responds.

Yet most people ignore this simple reality.

The idea that you could explore mind and even affect its operation, and the larger question of how such an exploration might change your experience, is almost never a topic of discussion. 

Creative Journey 

Take care of our minds

Most of us would say that we know how to take care of ourselves.

After all, we have gotten this far in our lives.

But somehow we forget how to be aware, and then other forces take over.

There is so much distraction and confusion to contend with, in our past history, in our present situation, and in particular in our patterns of mind and the way we think.

Once generated, the force of these patterns and way is unstoppable, whether it operates in our best interest or not.

We would like to communicate with our body and mind as friends, but we may no know how to synchronize the energies we experience and bring them into balance.

Even when we do have some understanding about how to nourish ourselves, can we apply it when we find ourselves caught up in events that are out of our control?

Our bodies may be mostly healthy now, but problems or symptoms my arise at any time.

Our friends and loved ones may be suddenly gone, upsetting our deepest wishes.

How will we respond then?

When we look at our situation in relation to others how much do we have to offer?

What can we do to honor those who have gone before us?

How can we lighten the load of future generations? How can we support their activities and speak to their concerns?

If we really want to address these questions, we will need to ask first how to take care of our own minds.

We have all experienced emotions like anger, disappointment, desire, anxiety, and confusion.

What can we do now to arrive at inner peace?

What knowledge can we apply in this lifetime today?


As it is

In an instant a sense of beauty arises, before the mind grasps it and propels it down the perpetual track toward identifying, cognizing, objectifying, and possessing, there is only a sensing, an inner response, a faint movement of feeling.

In that nanosecond, we can completely open up to beauty, just as it is.

That emergent sensing, that stirring of inner response, is the foundation that we can expand and build upon.

Similarly, we hear music, and we like it.

But instead of identifying the specifics and producing thoughts about it, let it be, just as it is, totally open.

Expand it further.

Whatever feeling you have, touch it, taste its flavor as if it were on the tip of your tongue or vibrating on the soft edge of your inner ear.

Before knowing comes in, before judgments such as “Isn’t this wonderful” come, simply see the shining light or the beauty, or hear the sound, without fixating on it.

Let the feeling open itself, merging with the senses, but not going further, not identifying, not even to the point of feeling yourself being aware. 

Joy of Being 

Quotes P 73

We need to take care of ourselves internally, to learn to take ease, open up, and be more balanced.

We have a greater purpose than following the latest sensation.

We need to embody knowledge – to feel good and feel joy, to free ourselves from the toxins and residues of poison we have been feeding ourselves for so long.

Lotus Mind 

More positive ways

We are part of the human lineage; our genes reflect the way human beings have developed through the centuries.

As participants in this heritage, are we content simply to repeat the same tired routines that have brought suffering to countless past generations?

While it may seem that we lack knowledge and power to make a difference, it helps to consider that we have a duty, if only to ourselves, to recognize the misunderstandings that have slowed our progress and to acknowledge the extent of our ignorance.

In doing so, we empower ourselves to shape our destiny in more positive ways.

It might then be possible to manifest the full promise of a human birth and contribute this understanding to humanity.

Is there a better legacy we could set in motion for the future? 

Revelations of Mind