My Gratitude

My gratitude for all the freedoms and opportunities that America has offered to me is unending.

As a Tibetan and now as an American, I feel indebted to the forefathers of both my cherished homelands, the land of my birth and the land of my naturalization.

From a spiritual standpoint, Tibet is the repository of precious knowledge that leads to the most complete freedom humanity can aspire to.

From a worldly standpoint, America has a role to play in guarding and championing the cause of freedom around the world.

These unique destinies, in which I am so fortunate to share, would not have been possible without the far- reaching wisdom and activity of the founding fathers, true leaders of humanity.

TNMC Annals

Our own vision and integrity

Until we see that self-doubts from our past and old hurts have no place in our lives, our hold on our positive qualities is likely to be tenuous.

Without realizing what we are doing, we may hold back from giving our best efforts whenever we sense the possibility of criticism or failure.

It may be very difficult for us to act independently, to base our lives on our own vision and integrity.

Knowledge of Freedom

Promise yourself

Here is some parting advice: No matter what, don’t be a traitor to yourself. 

Do not trade your happiness away; do not sell yourself out in exchange for anxiety, resentment, addiction, and loneliness.

Promise yourself now: 

From here on out, to the best of my ability, I will take care of myself, body and mind, emotions, and perceptions. From here on out, I will make the most of my journey.



As we study, we may find ourselves wondering how: how can we bring balance into our life?

How can we find a way not to depend on external conditions and objects?

How much knowledge can we bring to our lives, and how can we unite with this knowledge?

How can we embody it?

How seems to demand action; but paradoxically, the best way to work with these hows may be to practice stillness.

Knowledge of OK Mantra


If we suppose that this is true not just for us, but for every human being, then it is fair to say that the minds of seven billion people are churning more or less without direction for at least five or six hours every day, and probably much more, generating thoughts, making decisions, and motivating actions.

This would amount to a total of roughly forty billion mind-hours lost in generating idle thoughts, planning for the future, indulging fantasies, chewing on resentments, coping with desires, fretting over worries, awash in emotionality, obsessing over concerns, frozen in fear, or spiraling into depression and despair.

This amounts to some 60,000 entire human life times each day that are not engaged in productive activities.

Assuming that thoughts tend to manifest in ways that influence others, such erratic mental activity must have far-reaching effects. 

Revelations of Mind

Quotes Conversations

With the successful introduction of the monthly Special Edition Quotes Conversations we will focus our attention on building a new creative format in which to share Quotes. For the time being the Sunday Quotes Conversations sessions will be discontinued.

The next QCSE will be Sunday, February 14, Valentine’s Day. The interview will be with Doug Chadwick; author, conservationist, journalist and wildlife biologist. Doug has reported on wildlife around the world, from snow leopards in the Himalayas to tropical coral reefs, producing close to 50 magazine stories for National Geographic. He has written 15 books about wildlife and conservation. This Spring Patagonia will publish his new book, Four-Fifths a Grizzly: A Fresh Understanding of Nature that Might Save us All.

See you in February.


Regardless of our past, we can now make a choice for our future.

If we are determined to work on ourselves honestly and intelligently much worthwhile growth can take place.

Honesty is required because we have to learn to take care of ourselves in the best possible way; intelligence is required because there are many obstacles to overcome.

Unless we are relentlessly honest, ultimately we will cheat ourselves by trying to cover up our mistakes or trying to escape our difficulties, rather than confronting ourselves and bringing about meaningful change.

If we want to attain inner peace and balance, we must begin with honesty.

Tibetan Meditation