Breathing practice

Breath is a manifestation of the state of mind and body: It shows how we are feeling.

Being preoccupied or anxious can make it hard to breathe, as if the space for the breath is already full, and then creates further anxiety.

Breathing practice can teach us how to use the breath to turn this situation around and direct experience to openness.

As breath moves through the body, it refines, extracts, purifies, and alchemizes.

Kum Nye Dancing


Balance begins with each of us.

If individuals take responsibility for their own inner environment, and learn how to nourish the heart, human activity will grow less destructive to our own species and to the planet. 

Mandala Gardens

When we remain quiet

When we remain quiet, mindful of breath in every moment, we can open a space between us and our thoughts.

We might think of ourselves as observers of an interesting drama, able to see the colors and textures of our thoughts as they unfold, without feeling any obligation to respond.

Relaxing our tendency to react to every thought and sensation helps to break the cycle of tensions.

If we develop a more spacious, less pressured way of relating to our feelings and thoughts, we can restore our balance more quickly after any disturbance.

Knowledge of Freedom

Corrected registration link for QCSE Interview with Eric Hanson Sunday April 18

“Quotes Conversations Special Edition” is a monthly 75-minute Zoom session featuring a 45-minute interview, followed by Q & A. The program features a special guest who is performing inspiring humanitarian work with grace, intelligence, and open heartedness – someone we all would like to hear and get to know.

Eric Hanson is CEO of Blueplanet VR, and a faculty member at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. With a background in design, architecture, photography, and feature film visual effects, Eric currently creates volumetric VR content spanning natural history, cultural heritage, and science visualization. His VFX work can be seen in “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Cast Away”, “Fantasia 2000”, and “The Fifth Element”, among others. Recent work has led to collaborations with The Dunhaung Foundation, Frontline/ PBS, The Navajo Nation & Ai Weiwei, and the Onward Project. At USC he leads curriculum in Cinematic VR and Visual Effects, but mostly wishes he could sleep more. 

Blueplanet VR was formed in 2018 by Eric Hanson, previously of xRez Studio, a formative VR practice specializing in 360 capture technology, cultural heritage, and science visualization content. With a background in design, architecture, photography, and visual effects, Eric finds enormous potential in volumetric VR for creating important and meaningful experiences.


Title: Bringing Sacred Spaces into Virtual Reality
Date: Sunday April 18
Time: 10 AM – 11:15 California Time (PDT)

The value of changing the situation

Even when we see the value of changing the situation, it can be very difficult to relax our hold on what we believe—or want to believe—is right and real.

This can be especially true if we think that doing so might affect how others judge us.

People who care very much how others feel about them tend to cultivate and present a particular image, even a negative self-image can become the anchor for an individual’s personality and sense of empowerment to the extent that losing it would leave him or her with no sense of place or position. 

Revelations of Mind 

Begin with honesty

Regardless of our past, we can now make a choice for our future.

If we are determined to work on ourselves honestly and intelligently much worthwhile growth can take place.

Honesty is required because we have to learn to take care of ourselves in the best possible way; intelligence is required because there are many obstacles to overcome.

Unless we are relentlessly honest, ultimately we will cheat ourselves by trying to cover up our mistakes or trying to escape our difficulties, rather than confronting ourselves and bringing about meaningful change.

If we want to attain inner peace and balance, we must begin with honesty.

Tibetan Meditation

Taking care of ourselves

Taking care of ourselves is not just another selfish act with a spiritual label.

It is possible to give ourselves compassion without being motivated by self love, because grasping for satisfaction is very different from learning to care for ourselves.

Without compassion, thoughts and actions are based on desire for egotistical or selfish gratification.

But genuine compassion, the antidote to ego, arises from a humble and fearless attitude of openness and generosity.

Gesture of Balance

Messengers of caring

Prayer can open the heart, so that when we are discouraged we do not give up.

If we are sincere, asking for guidance—heart to heart—our hearts will communicate an inner message, as will the senses.

The heart will lend its power, intelligence, and encouragement to all we do.

We could call this way a secret path, for it is deeply personal, and is not about external shows of religious feeling.

We do not seek to convert others to our way of life.

We are simply messengers of caring.


Mind chatter

Encouragements, discouragements, neutral observations—all these messages may only be meaningless mind chatter, stirred up on the surface of mind by tension or anxiety.

None of them, not even the interpretations and commentaries, can touch the inner essence of relaxation and invite the joy of experience to come out.

They have nothing to do with relaxation or meditation; they cannot engage meditation directly, so they cannot analyze and judge the quality of your concentration.

There is no need to respond to them follow their dialogues, or reflect on their significance.

It is not important whether you are confused or not confused, or whether you have thoughts.

As much as possible, let this entire stream of mental activity flow by without paying it any attention.

Relax deeply; allow the body to be still and the mind to calm down.

Then your senses can operate more clearly, and the feeling-tone can come out.

Once you become familiar with how this works, you can tune in more closely to the field of perception itself.

Joy of Being