Most people are far removed from a deep connection with nature, because they have few opportunities to be in nature on regular basis.

After all, most of us live in cities.

City parks are better than no nature at all but often they are somewhat unnatural, carefully manicured, or designed around showy and artificial features.

How much better if we can walk in gardens, stroll through valleys, look over inspiring vistas, or sit at the side of lakes.

We can enjoy the air, the sunshine, the breezes, the smells.

Many people today often feel isolated and alone, but if we can connect with nature, it is like greeting a good friend, a valued partner whose very presence nourishes you. 

Love of Beauty

The Great Journey

Our main mission in life is to be happy and healthy in body and mind, and to share our good fortune with our friends and family.

Put differently, our purpose on this earth is to develop what is positive and wholesome and extend that positivity out into the world. 

Keys of Knowledge


You begin to understand emptiness when you cut out preconceptions.

If you believe shunyata is a tremendous expanse, discard this idea.

If you believe in mind, or that everything is mind-created, or that there is some foundation or substance, throw away such a concept.

Unmask everything and let your mind become totally silent, peaceful, empty, and clear: let it become the experience of shunyata.

Within this clear and empty space between thoughts, before another concept forms, there is no subject, no object, and no experience.

Here is the nature of enlightenment. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom


Knowing that you do not stand on anything can be liberating.

Perhaps you think you are not good enough or smart enough, not sufficiently successful or loving enough to be free.

But who brings up these doubts?

Who is being addressed and who receives the answers?

If we can penetrate our illusions, acting with love and responsibility, we see there is nothing to lose.

Know this:

There are ways to make knowledge richer and broader.

There is no need to worry or fear. . . . There is nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

You can relax and take the next step into ease.

Lotus Language

What do such accomplishments mean?

Leaders among us have created impressive buildings, conquered powerful enemies, made millions in the stock market, gained power over many thousands of people, or become known throughout the world.

But what do such accomplishments mean after we are no longer alive?

Our lives and all our resources may have been dedicated to such activities, as have the lives and resources of countless others, generation after generation repeating the same model, building on what came before.

But this way of living and acting has perpetuated the kinds of suffering that we have endured throughout human history.

It has also nourished the seeds of separation and disharmony, cultivated from the outset in our patterns of perception and expressed in nearly every aspect of our language and culture. 

Revelations of Mind 

Not much value

Today it is common for people to live for no purpose higher than simple survival.

Seeing no alternative, they dedicate themselves to job, money, and career, wasting the best opportunities that life provides.

When they are young, they dream of what they will accomplish; when they are old, they realize that their lives are gone with no real benefit to show, and they discover the world has no place for them.

There is not much value in this way of living. 

Journey of Enlightenment Volume 2 

Conventional education

American universities and colleges may be the best in the world, and they offer training in many careers, teach how to perfect many worldly skills, and give guidance in how to manipulate many materials and ideas.

Yet the result is only to strengthen ego and self.

There is little in the conventional educational system that points toward true selflessness and compassion or extends understanding beyond the realm of the intellect. 

Journey of Enlightenment Volume 2

Be ready to nurture

Be ready to nurture your body, your senses, your mind, and your heart.

Do not think that you are being selfish when you take care of yourself in these ways.

It is urgent that you do this, for that is the only way you can reach out to others in gestures of love and healing. 

Dimensions of Mind