Let go

Right here and now, in the middle of fears and worries, surrounded by the complexity of the modern world, you can open to a new way of living.

You can let go of the idea that you can’t, or you don’t know how, or you aren’t good enough.

You can understand that anxious, insecure mind will keep looping round and round identifying problems.

There aren’t enough solutions in the universe to keep pace with a mindlike that!

Without avoiding responsibilities, without running away from everyday life, you can be calm and joyful.

Instead of living in a world of constant conceptualizing, you can bring ease to body and mind, and simply be. 

Gesture of Great Love 

True knowledge comes from experience

Meditation is confronting what comes up, not following information, instructions, or ideals.

Assumptions or descriptions about what meditation or enlightenment is are not real.

True knowledge comes through experience.

Once we clean up our thoughts, we can experience what is there and know who we are.

With that knowledge, we can direct ourselves and heal our deceptions. 

Footsteps on the Diamond Path

Finding silence

To understand who we are and what we are doing, we must understand the meaning of silence.

Within silence there is a balance – mind and body become transparent, and we discover who we really are.

When everything becomes simplified through silence all the tangles of our inner knots and problems gradually dissolve.

True silence comes from within.

It is not merely the absence of speech: it is pure, naturalness – absolutely calm, without fixation, without preparation.

Nothing is required except, simply to be.

Revelations of Mind


Thoughts and feelings that arise in this openness lack all power to disturb us.

They reveal their illusory nature – light, transparent, they arise and dissipate in flowing, dream like rhythms.

Beyond the clouds of self-doubt and uncertainty, we can see brilliant stars and cooling moons, beautiful sunrises and bright shining sky that fills body and mind with confidence and joy.

The senses dance in celebration and beauty flows freely through our being.

Free from the tyranny of thought, we can reconnect with our sacred center and experience the sky-like quality of mind.

New Dimensions of Freedom, 4th July

This is being

Every single thought has a nucleus of energy, a center of power and awareness that we can easily find once we put aside the ideas of doing and achieving.

The energy in the center just opens.

This is being.

Being needs no improvements; it needs no doing or moving. Being is not past, not future, not even present.

Tibetan Meditation

All at once

You need not dwell under the emotions, and guilt or the anxiety of opportunities lost to distractions.

Imagine that you know how to intensify these negative feelings, pack them into a solid mass, and blow them up, just letting them go – all at once.

When negativities let go, light flashes like fireworks into the mind: thoughts burst in all directions, leaving only empty space.

For an instant body, mind and spirit unite within this space, connected yet totally free, undisturbed by thoughts and emotions.

New Dimensions of Freedom, 4th of July

Beyond the realm of the intellect

American universities and colleges may be the best in the world, and they offer training in many careers, teach how to perfect many worldly skills, and give guidance in how to manipulate many materials and ideas.

Yet the result is only to strengthen ego and self.

There is little in the conventional educational system that points toward true selflessness and compassion or extends understanding beyond the realm of the intellect. 

Journey of Enlightenment