Room for play

Recognizing how the mind operates removes the rigidity of the way things are.

The result is that we realize that the world is not the way we had been thinking.

There is room for play.

Creativity, love, kindness, and beauty may grace our lives through the power of that knowledge. 

Knowledge of OK Mantra 

You and they are the same

To work for others, to share and participate in life freely with them, you must see directly that you and they are the same.

Your bodies are the same space, if you probe deeply enough.

Your energies are all drawn from the same time.

Your experiences and aspirations are all ways of using the same knowledge, and remain unified within that knowledge.

We have never moved apart from one another, never become different or separate beings.

Until we see this directly, how can we feel real compassion for our fellow human beings? 

. . . An unconditional compassion must come from deep knowledge.

Then we can all explore the vastness and beauty of space and time together.  

Dimensions of Thought Volume 1 

Finding Silence

To understand who we are and what we are doing, we must understand the meaning of silence.

Within silence there is a balance – mind and body become transparent, and we discover who we really are.

When everything becomes simplified through silence all the tangles of our inner knots and problems gradually dissolve.

True silence comes from within.

It is not merely the absence of speech: it is pure, naturalness – absolutely calm, without fixation, without preparation.

Nothing is required except, simply to be.

Revelations of Mind


Today the notion of goodness is out of favor.

There are few living examples of people who express basic goodness in their every action, and not may people understand how to use their work and livelihood as positive forces in the world.

Yet the fundamentals of a kind heart and basic human strength and stability have not lost their potency.

In the new world order that is presently emerging, where the old traditions hold little power, each of us can contribute to goodness by developing our own inner resources and enacting a positive way to be.

Mastering Successful Work

Morning exercise

As soon as you get up in the morning, take three deep breaths, aware of the inhale and exhale. at first you will have to remind yourself to do this, but soon it will become a habit, one that can be deeply rewarding.

Before the first thought or concern enters your mind, let this positive experience shape the coming day.

Let yourself enjoy the way the whole body engages the breath, together with the way that breathing connects you to the world around you.

Later in the morning, but still before you begin your round of daily activities, take a few moments to reflect on your good fortune. even if you
are dealing with obstacles or with sad and painful circumstances, you can remind yourself how remarkable it is to be alive and in possession of your faculties.

You have made contact with teachings that can help you get more out of life, and you can form positive intentions and act on your own values.

Let this reflection inspire you.

Knowledge of OK Mantra

For everyone

The riches we can discover in our own hearts are a precious resource for all humanity.

They don’t just belong to us—they come alive when we share them. That is why it matters so much to cultivate love, joy, and compassion.

We do it not just for ourselves, but for everyone.  

Dimensions of Mind

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True leaders of humanity

My gratitude for all the freedoms and opportunities that America has offered to me is unending.

As a Tibetan and now as an American, I feel indebted to the forefathers of both my cherished homelands, the land of my birth and the land of my naturalization.

From a spiritual standpoint, Tibet is the repository of precious knowledge that leads to the most complete freedom humanity can aspire to.

From a worldly standpoint, America has a role to play in guarding and championing the cause of freedom around the world.

These unique destinies, in which I am so fortunate to share, would not have been possible without the far-reaching wisdom and activity of the founding fathers, true leaders of humanity. 

TNMC Annals 44