Beyond the conceptual

Encourage any thoughts, prayers, or devotions that are powerful and good, that take you beyond the conceptual, for they will have a continuing positive impact.

You yourselves may need to be the ones to create these positive impressions.

Let your actions and your love lay down the footprints that show others the path to follow. 

Creative Journey 

Why not do so?

We can think deeply toward a mind that engages the world without falling into negativity and depression.

Why not do so?

Haven’t we had enough of “business as usual”?

Aren’t we tired of seeing what is wrong in the world and having no way to address it?

There is no profit in fighting, killing, and putting others down: that is not the way to happiness and well-being.

We need to learn to respond to our circumstances with wisdom and with all the knowledge we can muster.

We need to make this human mind great again.

Dimensions of Mind

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Now is the time

Now is the time.

Do no wait for the future.

It is hard to predict how time will go, either for the general situation in the world today or for your own personal, private circumstances.

So let yourself engage deeply.

“Now is the time.”

Do you understand what that really means?

This is the time of timing, the time of performing, the time of conducting body and mind.

You can lay down footprints that others can follow.

You can unfold the journey within your own body and mind for yourself and others.

Do not lose this opportunity.

Yes … now is the time. 

Creative Journey 

Wealth and power

Many people may not be aware that the spread of western science and technology throughout the world is precipitating rapid changes in traditional values and lifestyles, upsetting the balance of entire cultures.

Occupations that gave millions a place in society, however humble, are being displaced by new methods and technology that leave many with no employment or position.

The sense of inherent human worth and self -respect, which once could be maintained even in the face of poverty, is being lost as human value is coming to depend more exclusively on wealth and power. 

Knowledge of Freedom

Two precious opportunities

Our relationship with nature offers us two precious opportunities: to receive beauty and to foster it.

Both are equally important, for by protecting and preserving the field of beauty that offers nourishment for the heart, we serve the highest human values. 

Mandala Gardens

Grateful eyes

The world is offering us riches in a spontaneous act of kindness.

Although we do not usually notice, there is a precious knowledge within the ordinary.

Everyday experience contains marvelous seeds.

If we cultivate them with gratitude and appreciation, beautiful fruits can come forth.

If we learn to see with grateful eyes, we can truly discover a sacred quality everywhere we look.

Dimensions of Mind 

Quotes Companion: A Guide (PDF)

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Moment of awareness

Realizing how much freedom and control you actually have can be frightening; so much so that you resist being aware.

Usually, right at the moment when you are about to slip into a neurotic or destructive pattern or make a wrong choice, there is a moment of awareness.

But if you have reasons for not wanting to be aware, the moment passes unacknowledged.

If you want to deepen your practice, work on keeping that moment of awareness active.

Joy of Being

True silence

To understand who we are and what we are doing, we must understand the meaning of silence.

Within silence there is a balance – mind and body become transparent, and we discover who we really are.

When everything becomes simplified through silence all the tangles of our inner knots and problems gradually dissolve.

True silence comes from within.

It is not merely the absence of speech: it is pure, naturalness – absolutely calm, without fixation, without preparation.

Nothing is required except, simply to be.

Revelations of Mind