No purpose

Today it is common for people to live for no purpose higher than simple survival.

Seeing no alternative, they dedicate themselves to job, money, and career, wasting the best opportunities that life provides.

When they are young, they dream of what they will accomplish; when they are old, they realize that their lives are gone with no real benefit to show, and they discover the world has no place for them.

There is not much value in this way of living. 

Journey of Enlightenment Volume 2

Our own journey

Each and every one of us has the opportunities for questioning, once we decide to look.

We are creating our own path, our own journey.

What meaning can we find in the way events unfold?

Do our actions generate merit?

Do they have value?

These are the questions that religion and philosophy ask, but they are also questions we ask for ourselves.

We can turn our backs on such questions. We can say, “I do not know; I do not see.”

We can choose to turn control over to forces we cannot observe or control and do not question.

But I believe that this would be a mistake.

We have the possibility of shaping our lives and choosing what has meaning.

That has been my experience, and that is what I want to share.

Life presents many mysteries, but the path to knowledge and understanding lies open before us. 

Creative Journey

Inner confidence

Spiritual confidence is more difficult to attain than worldly confidence.

We can easily learn to drive a car, fix a lawnmower, or talk informatively on a variety of subjects.

But how can we learn to attain inner confidence?

There are no specific steps to follow.

Yet, by utilizing the insight and confidence gained from meditation we naturally discover the truth that is always within us.

And in becoming more confident of our experience, we come to see that the devotional or sentimental beliefs are not so important.

We learn to believe and trust ourselves. 

Tibetan Meditation


Someday we will find ourselves in circumstances we cannot control; at that moment, when everything else we’ve relied upon proves transient, knowledge and compassion will be our dearest and most reliable friends. 

Keys of Knowledge 

The study of mind

Normally, we do not think to question how mind does its job.

….The study of mind is a vital and important subject, for mind is our life and the basis for our reality: its power is vast and its radiance illuminates every aspect of our being.

Active in every moment of our lives, mind governs our way of experiencing and influences how we respond to all it presents.

Wherever something is acting, creating, and energizing, wherever something is expanding or contracting, wherever there is suffering or pleasure, mind is revealing its presence.

There is nothing in our experience that does not come from mind, depend upon, and bear the imprint of mind. 

Revelations of Mind