Quotes p 89

There is beauty that you have not seen.

There is sound that carries consciousness into heavenly spheres.

There is fragrance more exquisite than the rarest incense.

There is joy that expands beyond ecstasy and dissolves the seeds of suffering.

You deserve to experience all these treasures and manifest their significance to all humanity.

Joy of Being

Quotes p 81

The final responsibility is yours. If you think that change will come by doing what someone else has told you to do, if you try to follow a plan that an author imposes on you, you will never fulfill your own destiny. Instead, stay with your own understanding. By cultivating awareness, and concentration and energy, you will touch the integrity of your own being and take control of your own life.

Mastering Successful Work

Quotes p 75

How much and in what ways do you value knowledge?

Do you think can liberate you from ignorance and suffering?

To what extent does the quest for knowledge narrow down to thought games, a desire for personal gain, and the status of being a possessor of knowledge?

Is there something beyond that?

Can there be a depth of understanding that is not owned by someone, understanding that opens to new dimensions?

Is that kind of knowledge possible for us today?

Is it possible for you?

Lotus Language p 195

Quotes p 73

We need to take care of ourselves internally, to learn to take ease, open up, and be more balanced.

We have a greater purpose than following the latest sensation.

We need to embody knowledge–to feel good and feel joy, to free ourselves from the toxins and residues of poison we have been feeding ourselves for so long.

Lotus Mind p XXI