Balanced, natural, and meaningful

Is it not possible for us to look within and appreciate ourselves, rather than continuing to look outside ourselves for fulfillment?

When we find inspiration, openness, and balance within, then our lives become genuinely happy and worthwhile—we can find happiness even in our work.

Instead of wasting our energy and human potential in useless thoughts and actions, we begin to act constructively, for the basis of the spiritual path is the development in ourselves of what is truly balanced, natural, and meaningful. 

Gesture of Balance

The cure for sickness

These days, however, most of us depend on external or artificial means to keep healthy and free from pain.

But when we bring ourselves back into balance so that the energy is flowing smoothly, our bodies and minds have the resources to protect themselves.

The cure for sickness is within us—for the natural state is balance. 

Gesture of Balance 

Sustaining faith and trust

Sustaining our faith and trust is one of the most important parts of developing a spiritual life.

Anyone can sustain an interest for a short period of time or even for a year or two, but the more complex and conflicting the world becomes, the more difficult it is to survive spiritually—to survive internally—because everything seems to lure us away from meditation and inner calm, from our sense of inner strength and wisdom.  

Tibetan Meditation 

Confidence in ourselves

Once we reject our inner guidance, it is not easy to find it again, because our views and motivations may have changed.

So, like a person groping in the dark who finds a sure guide, once we make contact with our strength and awareness, we should not let it go.

This is important, because there are times when we feel weak or especially vulnerable.

It is not always easy to have faith in our own judgment, but when we follow the truth as we understand it, we learn to be confident in ourselves and enjoy each moment.

When we have lived our lives in this way, we will be able to look back and realize how much we have learned and accomplished, and how fortunate we are to have gained so much understanding.

Even now, we know enough to have confidence in ourselves–and this is a tremendous source of guidance and protection.

Gesture of Balance

Good wishes

In some ways, each of us lives in a private world.

The people you meet do not know what you are thinking, nor can they sense in a direct or obvious way the good wishes you are sending their way.

That does not matter.

Just resolve to share you own sense of enjoyment and well-being with all beings, known and unknown alike.

Wish for them everything positive, whatever form it may take:  radiant light, soothing breezes, positive thoughts, delightful tastes, infectious laughter, inspiring music, or beautiful sights.

As you think of them, let waves of energy expand in all directions, each one carrying your intention of being of benefit.

Dimensions of Mind

Giving up or letting go

There are two kinds of “giving up” or “letting go”.

There is giving up attachments, and the is giving up because of difficulties and disappointments.

The person who has inner strength and openness does not “give up”—but gives up grasping and attachment, and consequently gains freedom and confidence.

Because he has no attachment to being a certain way, but simply follows the truth within his heart, no obstacle or disappointment can overcome him.

The person who gives up because cannot control his life or manage for himself does not fully give up; he maintains a certain determination to continue to follow his inclinations—he just gives in to whatever is happening. 

Gesture of Balance 

Meditation awareness

Meditative awareness has three primary qualities.

The first is calmness, the second is openness, and the third harmony.

As we practice meditation we naturally become calm, relaxed, and comfortable, and we find that meditation is very soothing and enjoyable. 

Gesture of Balance 

Compassion is the bridge

Compassion is the bridge, the spiritual foundation for peace, harmony, and balance.

The ego is the obstacle… playing games, grasping, being clever and ingenious; it essentially runs our lives.

The ego has so programmed us physically and mentally that only compassion can break the ego’s hold on us and enable us to develop our full potential as human beings. 

Gesture of Balance