As we develop compassion we begin to sacrifice and surrender our hearts.

We do not even care if the other person acknowledges our attitude or our actions—he may not even be aware of them.

As we lessen self-grasping, we have a deepened feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that can expand and give our lives great meaning.

What else in human existence has such value?

Tibetan Mediation


Most people are not even aware of the limitations that bind them, and so they are naturally skeptical that a new, more independent way of thinking is possible.

Because they are lacking any other vision, they cannot move beyond the concepts that bind them and the kinds of knowledge those concepts allow.

If someone suggests alternatives, they may reject them out of hand: “You must be crazy! Someone has brainwashed you.”

Or they may take a more humble approach: “ You say so, and it sounds inspiring, but I’m not ready. I can’t go there.”

If you push too hard, they may feel angry or resentful.

Even though they live in the grip of confusion and unhappiness, they are not ready to give up what they know and accept. 

Challenging Journey, Creative Journey

Create ease

Whenever we inquire deeply into our nature, we may reach the same conclusion: we cannot know.

The meanings we create and rely on cannot bear true witness.

That is why the great teachers of the past have said, “Why do you chase after understanding?

Why do you need to prove something?

Instead, create ease.

Ease your concepts and your thoughts, ease your intellectualization and your looking.

Give up on forcing experience into pigeon holes, whether you follow the path of the intellect or the path of meditation.” 

Creative Journey

Inner nature

The more we participate in natural being, the less we need special techniques and the less we worry about finding answers to our questions.

The wider our concept of the mind becomes, the more experience we accept without judgment.

This acceptance itself becomes meditation, and we realize that meditation is an integral part of our experience.

Everything that is precious, true, and beautiful is within natural being, so there is no need to look for special experiences or insights, or to report to the mind on what has happened.

When we are in touch with our inner nature, the distinctions between meditative and non-meditative states dissolves.

Tibetan Meditation

Quotes II P 37

The Power of Goodness

Instead of focusing on your limits and shortcomings, see if you can make it your practice always to turn to the good.

When you are tired or frustrated, say to yourself, “I dedicate my action to the joy of others. I know that I have limits, but still I dedicate all my actions to their welfare, knowing that this has merit.”

From time to time, encourage yourself to do more than you think possible.

Remind yourself that you can work toward the good, can accumulate merit and power to act for the sake of all beings.

Your influence can ripple out in all directions, and you can make a difference in reality.

Annals Book 5

Quotes P 107

Thinking that “there is always time” we put things off to the future.

We would never be so casual about loaning our money, especially if we know we would never get it back.

We do not have enough time to spare. 

Skillful Means

To lure us away

Sustaining our faith and trust is one of the most important parts of developing a spiritual life.

Anyone can sustain an interest for a short period of time or even for a year or two, but the more complex and conflicting the world becomes, the more difficult it is to survive spiritually—to survive internally—because everything seems to lure us away from meditation and inner calm, from our sense of inner strength and wisdom.  

Tibetan Mediation

Quotes II P 111

As soon as we use language and words to create concepts, we automatically dull and concretize the present; we then have no chance to experience that moment directly.

There is no way we can go ‘beyond’ anything with words.

This does not mean that words have no value, but only that there is no way we can experience the present moment directly if we rely on words, intellectual concepts, or attempts to focus our attention in certain ways.

Gesture of Balance