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Topic: Quotes Conversations hosted by Barry Schieber
Time: Sunday August 9, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Because breathing charts the life rhythms, the way we breathe signals the disposition of our energies.

When we are agitated or excited, our breath tends to be uneven and rapid; when we are calm and balanced, our breathing is even, slow and soft.

This close relationship between our breathing patterns and our energies means that we can alter our mental and physical states by the way we breathe.

For example when we are very upset, we can calm and balance ourselves simply by breathing slowly and evenly.

When our breathing is consistently calm and even, the whole organism becomes balanced – physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a result energy increases, health improves and quality of sleep is enhanced.

This leaves the mind lucid and the body alert and sensitive so that we are more open to the richness and diversity of all levels of experience. 

Tibetan Relaxation

Quotes P 37

Taking care of ourselves is not just another selfish act with a spiritual label.

It is possible to give ourselves compassion without being motivated by self love, because grasping for satisfaction is very different from learning to care for ourselves.

Without compassion, thoughts and actions are based on desire for egotistical or selfish gratification.

But genuine compassion, the antidote to ego, arises from a humble and fearless attitude of openness and generosity.

Gesture of Balance


At this critical juncture of time and opportunity, it is important that we understand how to manifest the joy of being.

Sharing such rare and precious understanding could lead to a flowering of the human psyche that could foster inner and outer harmony for the benefit of all forms of life.

Even if we do not presently recognize the true nature of our embodiment, we, as people everywhere, yearn to be free.

We are born free, with no obligations; we are free to conduct our lives in the present, and we are going to be free in the future.

This understanding is itself a kind of liberation. 

Revelations of Mind 

To shape our destiny

We are part of the human lineage; our genes reflect the way human beings have developed through the centuries.

As participants in this heritage, are we content simply to repeat the same tired routines that have brought suffering to countless past generations?

While it may seem that we lack knowledge and power to make a difference, it helps to consider that we have a duty, if only to ourselves, to recognize the misunderstandings that have slowed our progress and to acknowledge the extent of our ignorance.

In doing so, we empower ourselves to shape our destiny in more positive ways.

It might then be possible to manifest the full promise of a human birth and contribute this understanding to humanity.

Is there a better legacy we could set in motion for the future? 

Revelations of Mind 


Why does mind become bored?

Because we are looking in the wrong direction—we’re looking at where mind is pointing, rather than at the source of the pointing itself.


Perhaps we have not yet recognized that we could step back from mind and observe if in this way.

Yet, that is what the instruction “watch the mind” is directing us to do: watch the mind, take note of its tricks, and track its twists and turns.

The moment language comes into contemplation, mind’s regime comes into play, and that is the point where we should pay attention.

We do not need to let this illusion-created mind be the master.

We might even ask, “Who is telling me to do this?” 

Revelations of Mind

How will we respond?

Most of us would say that we know how to take care of ourselves.

After all, we have gotten this far in our lives. But somehow we forget how to be aware, and then other forces take over. There is so much distraction and confusion to contend with, in our past history, in our present situation, and in particular in our patterns of mind and the way we think.

Once generated, the force of these patterns and way is unstoppable, whether it operates in our best interest or not.

We would like to communicate with our body and mind as friends, but we may no know how to synchronize the energies we experience and bring them into balance.

Even when we do have some understanding about how to nourish ourselves, can we apply it when we find ourselves caught up in events that are out of our control?

Our bodies may be mostly healthy now, but problems or symptoms my arise at any time. Our friends and loved ones may be suddenly gone, upsetting our deepest wishes.

How will we respond then?

When we look at our situation in relation to others how much do we have to offer? What can we do to honor those who have gone before us? How can we lighten the load of future generations? How can we support their activities and speak to their concerns?

If we really want to address these questions, we will need to ask first how to take care of our own minds. We have all experienced emotions like anger, disappointment, desire, anxiety, and confusion.

What can we do now to arrive at inner peace?

What knowledge can we apply in this lifetime today?

Knowledge of Ok Mantra