Quotes II P 57

Even when life seems to go along more or less adequately on the surface—or perhaps especially then—we may feel uneasy that we’re repeating ourselves, or stagnating.

Our anxious underlying search for security, our endless array of attachments, angers and desires may be slowly suffocating the heart and shadowing the soul.

How sad, when we might have access to a light in mind, a light that is already presenting, if only we knew how are heart might be open to it.

Lotus Mind

Quotes II P 51

Despite this culture’s success in material wealth and the growth of technical knowledge, the full flowering of the potential of human being has not yet occurred.

We seem trapped by the very knowledge and language that have brought us to our present stage of civilization. We recognize our dissatisfaction and frustrations, but are unable to escape from the patterns that keep us locked in suffering.

The continual warfare that plagues our times is one sign that this is so.

Lotus Mind

Quotes P 105

The Question To Ask

It has more to do with pursuing our highest ideals and values.

For instance, it might have to do with helping others–our family, our friends, our community–or making a contribution to humanity. It might have to do with advancing knowledge or creating beauty. Your values may be very different from someone else’s, and that is fine.

But the question to ask is whether you are letting time go by in activities that have nothing to do with your own sense of what’s important.

That’s what I mean by getting a good return on investment.

Dimensions of Mind

Quotes P 45

Use what you have.

If you don’t have what you need or want, don’t worry and don’t be too anxious to have more.

Just try to appreciate whatever you have –your body, your mind, your material things, your sensations, your feelings, your knowledge–whatever you are doing.

Be kind to yourself.

Take time to re-evaluate what a fortunate opportunity you have to contemplate the tremendous pain and suffering and confusion of others.

Whenever you are depressed or feel hopeless or desperate, use the energies within your meditation. And at other times, when you are extremely joyful and positive, do not become too attached.

In other words, whatever happens, up or down, use your experience to learn and to become more aware.

Crystal Mirror IV

Quotes P 15

Beyond the beliefs of any one religion, there is the truth of the human spirit.

Beyond the power of nations, there is the power of the human heart.

Beyond the ordinary mind, the power of wisdom, love, and healing energy are at work in the universe.

When we can find peace within our hearts, we contact these universal powers.

This is our only hope.

Remarks at Bodh Gaya International Peace Ceremony