Quotes P 11

We do not like to acknowledge that we need greater wisdom, but when we look around us, the tears we see bear witness to what we do not know.

If we could collect all the tears wept by all the people alive in the world today, how large a vessel would need to contain them?  

Our tears bear witness to our suffering.

We may believe that the more we suffer, the more we know, but what do we really learn from misery?

Do we learn enough to free ourselves from suffering?

Genuine suffering can touch our hearts honestly to show us our need for greater knowledge.

But in order to benefit from its instruction, we need to look beyond painful experience and transform the patterns that caused them.

Of what value is our present education – in the largest sense- if it does not teach us how to do this?

If it does not teach us to be free of suffering and pain?

Knowledge of Freedom

Quotes P 95

My advice is practical and simple.

Be loyal to each other, and commit yourselves to love and joy.

This is rare and priceless.

Share your inner feelings, your inner selves.

Learn how precious it is to be alive.

Take the profit of enjoying yourselves, feeling good, and being free.

Do not burden yourselves.

Appreciate your situation.

There is far too little appreciation in this world.

Challenging Journey, Creative Journey

Morning Exercise

Morning Exercise

As soon as you get up in the morning, take three deep breaths, aware of the inhale and exhale.

At first you will have to remind yourself to do this, but soon it will become a habit, one that can be deeply rewarding.

Before the first thought or concern enters your mind, let this positive experience shape the coming day.

Let yourself enjoy the way the whole body engages the breath, together with the way that breathing connects you to the world around you.

Later in the morning, but still before you begin your round of daily activities, take a few moments to reflect on your good fortune.

Even if you are dealing with obstacles or with sad and painful circumstances, you can remind yourself how remarkable it is to be alive and in possession of your faculties.

You have made contact with teachings that can help you get more out of life, and you can form positive intentions and act on your own values.

Let this reflection inspire you.

Dimensions of Mind

Our own journey

Each and every one of us has the opportunities for questioning, once we decide to look.

We are creating our own path, our own journey.

What meaning can we find in the way events unfold? Do our actions generate merit? Do they have value?

These are the questions that religion and philosophy ask, but they are also questions we ask for ourselves.

We can turn our backs on such questions.

We can say, “I do not know; I do not see.”

We can choose to turn control over to forces we cannot observe or control and do not question.

But I believe that this would be a mistake.

We have the possibility of shaping our lives and choosing what has meaning.

That has been my experience, and that is what I want to share.

Life presents many mysteries, but the path to knowledge and understanding lies open before us. 

Challenging Journey, Creative Journey

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Quotes P 23

We need to look closely to what we are doing and ask whether our actions are likely to bring us the satisfaction we seek.

Are our attitudes and personal philosophies in harmony with what we really want? 

Knowledge of Freedom

Quotes P 9

For thousands of years, a question has plagued humanity: why does life have so many problems?

Must we continue to experience frustration and confusion?

Must we waste much of our lives in coping with emotional upheavals?

Since it has always been this way, we may think we have no choice: “That is the way it is,” we say.

But can we question if this really has to be?

Dimensions of Mind 

New knowledge

Yet it seems unfair to refer wisdom to a realm we cannot enter.

How can I have faith in what I have not yet tasted for myself?

How can I believe that such possibilities are real?

The answer is simple: we cannot.

But that is not the final word on the matter.

Instead, our knowing simply points us in a new direction. We need more knowledge—new knowledge.

We need knowledge that opens for us new vistas and new ways of being. Challenging Journey, Creative Journey

Quotes P 41

Meditation is a way of opening our lives to the richness of experience, not an esoteric practice limited to certain times and places.

Whether we live in the quiet of the country or in the turmoil of the city, meditation can actually become a way of life.

In this kind of meditation, we learn to embrace and learn from whatever we experience.

Openness Mind,