Intention of being of benefit

In some ways, each of us lives in a private world.

The people you meet do not know what you are thinking, nor can they sense in a direct or obvious way the good wishes you are sending their way.

That does not matter.

Just resolve to share your own sense of enjoyment and well-being with all beings, known and unknown alike.

Wish for them everything positive, whatever form it may take:  

radiant light,

soothing breezes,

positive thoughts,

delightful tastes,

infectious laughter,

inspiring music,

or beautiful sights.

As you think of them, let waves of energy expand in all directions, each one carrying your intention of being of benefit. 

Dimensions of Mind 

The needs of our inner being

In this technological age, we are encouraged to believe that science will provide a better life for us and for our children, curing our ills and expanding knowledge.

Confidence in science has gradually eroded faith in older forms of knowledge related to spiritual well-being, as if there were no room in the human heart for both.

Have we gained the miracles of technology and modern medicine, only to lose contact with a  deeper dimension of knowledge?

When we are unable to trust in knowledge that embraces spiritual as well as physical needs, we cut ourselves off from all that gives experience brightness and meaning.

Life tends to become flat and dull, our actions driven by habit.

Within today’s most advanced societies, we see symptoms of a deep discomfort that indicate the needs of our inner being are not being addressed. 

Gesar, Summer 1992

Learn to leave a legacy

What I learned from the example of my teachers is that the work is worth it.

We can strive to see this world through new eyes.

We can learn to recognize in our own existence a precious opportunity to do some good.

Most of all, we can learn to leave a legacy. 

I think this is what “transmission” ultimately means:

A sense of depth fearlessly plumbed, discipline joyfully embraced, and the capacity to share what we have learned.

This is our legacy.

This is what we will leave behind.

Thoughts on Transmission

A different awareness

In moments of wonder and great humility, human beings through the ages have felt a different awareness emerge naturally within the more familiar ways of viewing themselves and their world.

Perhaps many of us have known quiet moments when time seemed to stand still, and for a brief interval ordinary preoccupations faded into an overpowering appreciation of everything that is. 

Knowledge of Freedom 

Your own quiet way

If you cultivate joy and meaning in your life, you move easily into a relaxed way of being. 

Your spirit is light and open to pure and luminous energy.

Past, present and future do not catch you up in their momentum, and there is no need to hold on to whatever was the case before.

You, too, can be part of the stream of kindness and love, finding your own quiet way to be heroic in the face of the challenges you encounter. 

Gesture of Great Love 

Let them inspire you

The mind has been trained to like and dislike, desire and push away, so you think that is the only way to live.

Educated to be skeptical, you may doubt that great teachers and spiritual friends have demonstrated a different way of being.

But even in the West, there have been great thinkers, great artists, poets, and composers, political leaders and deeply spiritual people who have demonstrated a different way of being, who have moved beyond the limitations set by their culture and background.

Let them inspire you.

You yourself can manifest a different kind of knowing, like they did and become a model for others. Gesture of Great Love 

The quicksand of failure

Without appreciation and gratitude, it is easy to fall into small, petty ways of thinking—a poverty of mind worse than any material poverty.

Wherever you look, you see only shortages: not enough time, not enough patience, not enough money.

If this goes far enough, you feel defeated by the sense that we can never accomplish anything of value.

The quicksand of failure forms beneath your feet and you sink into it. 

TNMC Annals

Refuse to appreciate possibilities

Destructive attitudes refuse to allow this positive nurturing to take place, refuse to acknowledge improvements, refuse to appreciate possibilities.

These kinds of attitudes are characterized by three qualities.: They are self-centered; they are short-range; they are non-generous, small minded …The focus is self/short/small.

TNMC Annals