Flooded with compassion

So try to visualize all the beings in the world—particularly those who have problems or who are experiencing pain.

Especially remember your parents and friends, whether they are alive or not, and then all others.

Free yourself from selfish motivations and transform your problems and emotions into deep compassion toward all beings and all things in nature, so that the entire universe is flooded with compassion.

Let this compassion radiate outward from every part of your body, and let us together send our power and energy to all beings so that they may overcome their obstacles and become healthy and happy. 

Gesture of Balance

Don’t be a traitor

Here is some parting advice: No matter what, don’t be a traitor to yourself.

Do not trade your happiness away; do not sell yourself out in exchange for anxiety, resentment, addiction, and loneliness.

Promise yourself now: From here on out, to the best of my ability, I will take care of myself, body and mind, emotions, and perceptions.

From here on out, I will make the most of my journey.



So give ease to your mind, your senses, your body, your being.

Let your practice become one of “easing,” allowing a feeling tone so complete, so full of balance and joy that it permeates, body, mind and senses and merges them into a unified field of being.

Give ease so deep and vast that it dissolves all boundaries, passing beyond top, bottom, inside, and outside to completely fill all space vast as the sky, beyond imagination.

Joy of Being


Compassion is a healthy psychological attitude, because it does not involve expectations or demands.

Even if we are not able to accomplish very much on a physical level, at least can have the desire to be a loving person with a compassionate heart—the wish to help others, spontaneously, with no reservations.

This attitude automatically opens our hearts and develops our compassion.

Then we can sincerely say to ourselves, “If there is any way I can learn to increase my compassion or understanding of humanity, then I wish to receive that teaching—wherever it exists—and take the responsibility to use that knowledge to help others.” 

Tibetan Meditation


Humility is an experience of the commonality of all human beings.

As we experience this commonality, our attitude toward life becomes light and open.

We discover that participating with others in a mutual sharing of knowledge and experience generates the wisdom to fulfill all needs, and to live in harmony with all beings. 

Skillful Means

The first moment

Awareness generally means to be “aware of some thing”— to look at objects, to recognize, identify, and try to understand them.

This is commonsense awareness.

But as a living experience, natural awareness is simple and direct, open and responsive, without concepts, words, images and interpretations.

Awareness takes place within the first moment, not before, and not after.

It is immediate, spontaneous.

There is no other “thing” to obscure the moment—there is no subject or object, no time or space.

All that remains is within this openness, which neither words nor concept can describe.

There is complete freedom from our restless attempts to hold on to something, to be secure in some distraction or some trance-like fixation.

There is no fear and no guilt—no desire to escape or be any other way.

There becomes complete self-acceptance and generates a fresh new outlook all its own. 

Tibetan Meditation

Share our good fortune

Our main mission in life is to be happy and healthy in body and mind, and to share our good fortune with our friends and family.

Put differently, our purpose on this earth is to develop what is positive and wholesome and extend that positivity out into the world. 

Keys of Knowledge 

Investigate for ourselves

As unique individuals who have each matured within a certain array of physical, social, emotional, psychic, and environmental conditions each of us must investigate for ourselves the specific system that governs our reality and determine how best to improve it.

But below the specifics and individual identity flows a deeper, more universal current that connects us to the qualities we associate with human being.

Reflecting on the beauty that mind is capable of transmitting, we may recall moments when love, joy, and gratitude have broken through the fog of our mind-created stories and illuminated every cell of our bodies.

Surely, we can transform the regime that now blocks our voluntary access to this power.

Surely mind can become more generous with its riches and end the games that set us up for disappointment and despair! 

Revelations of Mind