A new mind arises

The deep relaxation and openness of meditation offer a different perspective on our thoughts and perceptions.

Meditation shows that we do not need to grasp at some experiences and reject others.

We can accept all our experiences, whether positive or negative.

And this acceptance can lead to a deep satisfaction, a heart appreciation of being alive.

As our awareness and our response to living reflect the rich balance of meditation, our particular difficulties yield to a growing sense of confidence and enjoyment.

A new mind arises, bearing a sense of lightness and calm that ripples throughout all our activities like laughter.

Hidden Mind of Freedom

Meditative insights

Insights are like shiny rocks on the seashore: we want to pick them up and keep them.

But we collect one, then another, and still more, until our load is so heavy we can hardly walk!

Empty your pockets; let go of the insights that arise, no matter how valuable they seem, and open to a wider view, one that does not derive its meaning from a conceptual framework. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom


 Meditation is the foundation of self-development and well-being.

Gradually, almost imperceptibly, meditation transforms the quality of everyday life, stimulating creativity, exercising mental capacities, and integrating body and mind. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom


After an emotion has already surfaced, there are two ways to deal with it.

One is to objectify the emotional response by blaming someone or something for the way you feel.

This way reinforces and escalates negative feelings.

The other choice is to go directly into the emotion, become it, discover it, feel it thoroughly, and calmly watch its nature.

Rather than ask why, observe how the emotion arises.

Instead of trying to push the emotion away, befriend it.

If you watch carefully, without involvement, you will see this emotion manifest in both body and mind and then dissolve into pure energy. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom 


Thoughts take many forms, and you can learn to relax all of them.

But neither try to do anything with them, nor try not to do anything with them.

It is paradoxical, yet true that any such efforts only create more thoughts and tensions. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom 


When we first consider the possibility of becoming enlightened, we understand enlightenment as some separate form of experience.

We assume that meditation leads to higher and lighter states of being, until finally everything changes somehow from what we normally see and feel to an experience of continual joy and bliss.

But from the viewpoint of the highest realization, whatever we are involved in is already within enlightenment.

Everything is already perfect; not one single imperfect thing exists, no ‘thing’ needs cleaning or developing.

Each form, each specific quality is already complete in being whatever it is, just as it is. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom 

Inner balance

A natural, vibrant response to life—engendering enthusiasm, joy, and vitality—depends on inner balance.

When we are balanced, positive qualities manifest spontaneously and we flow easily with whatever experience brings. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom 

Bear witness

We do not like to acknowledge that we need greater wisdom, but when we look around us,
the tears we see bear witness to what we do not know.

If we could collect all the tears wept by all the people alive in the world today, how large a vessel would we need to contain them?

Our tears bear witness to our suffering.

We may believe that the more we suffer, the more we know, but what do we really learn from misery?

Do we learn enough to free ourselves from suffering?

Knowledge of Freedom

Our present education

Genuine suffering can touch our hearts honestly to show us our need for greater knowledge.

But in order to benefit from its instruction, we need to look beyond painful experiences and transform the patterns that caused them.

Of what value is our present education — in the largest sense — if it does not teach us how to do this?

If it does not teach us to be free of suffering and pain?

Knowledge of Freedom

Valuable opportunities

We do not have to depend upon circumstances or other people for fulfillment, or settle for the sweet sadness of longing as substitute for lasting happiness.

We can train ourselves to search within, questioning the source of our deepest yearnings.

Letting go of all preconceptions, we can ask ourselves what is really important to
our lives, what is it that will sustain us through all forms of adversity.

The times we feel most restless and lonely are valuable opportunities to make friends with ourselves, to find within our own hearts a new depth of understanding.

Knowledge of Freedom