Within natural being

The more we participate in natural being, the less we need special techniques and the less we worry about finding answers to our questions.

The wider our concept of the mind becomes, the more experience we accept without judgment.

This acceptance itself becomes meditation, and we realize that meditation is an integral part of our experience.

Everything that is precious, true, and beautiful is within natural being, so there is no need to look for special experiences or insights, or to report to the mind on what has happened.

When we are in touch with our inner nature, the distinctions between meditative and non-meditative states dissolves.

Tibetan Meditation 

You yourself

Encourage any thoughts, prayers, or devotions that are powerful and good, that take you beyond the conceptual, for they will have a continuing positive impact.

You yourselves may need to be the ones to create these positive impressions.

Let your actions and your love lay down the footprints that show others the path to follow. 

Challenging Journey, Creative Journey 

Plant the right seeds

The world we live in is crowded and chaotic.

We are always in a rush, always going, always occupied.

We have so many duties, so many social obligations. Inner peace and times of quiet are steadily slipping out of reach.

Yet the possibility is always available to cultivate self-knowledge and begin to move toward inner freedom.

If we plant the right seeds, we will one day reap a rich harvest, growing healthier and more balanced, ready to see that life truly does have meaning. 

TNMC Annals 

A silent nature

Every single thought, every moment of experience, has a silent nature within it that we can contact directly.

If we understand this silent, meditative quality, there is no need to fight or subdue anything or anyone.

Waking Up To Infinite Possibilities


A whole lifetime may not be enough time to find happiness; a whole career may not be enough time to succeed.

What we have learned to call progress may actually be a process of acquisition and destruction that only depletes resources.

Tibetan Meditation 

Balanced, natural, and meaningful

Is it not possible for us to look within and appreciate ourselves, rather than continuing to look outside ourselves for fulfillment?

When we find inspiration, openness, and balance within, then our lives become genuinely happy and worthwhile—we can find happiness even in our work.

Instead of wasting our energy and human potential in useless thoughts and actions, we begin to act constructively, for the basis of the spiritual path is the development in ourselves of what is truly balanced, natural, and meaningful. 

Gesture of Balance


Meditation is a way of opening our lives to the richness of experience, not an esoteric practice limited to certain times and places.

Whether we live the quiet of the country or in the turmoil of the city, meditation can actually become a way of life.

In this kind of mediation, we learn to embrace and learn from whatever we experience. 

Openness Mind

To free ourselves from suffering

We do not like to acknowledge that we need greater wisdom, but when we look around us, the tears we see bear witness to what we do not know.

If we could collect all the tears wept by all the people alive in the world today, how large a vessel would need to contain them?  

Our tears bear witness to our suffering.

We may believe that the more we suffer, the more we know, but what do we really learn from misery?

Do we learn enough to free ourselves from suffering?

Genuine suffering can touch our hearts honestly to show us our need for greater knowledge.

But in order to benefit from its instruction, we need to look beyond painful experience and transform the patterns that caused them.

Of what value is our present education – in the largest sense- if it does not teach us how to do this?

If it does not teach us to be free of suffering and pain?

Knowledge of Freedom

In an instant

In an instant a sense of beauty arises, before the mind grasps it and propels it down the perpetual track toward identifying, cognizing, objectifying, and possessing, there is only a sensing, an inner response, a faint movement of feeling.

In that nanosecond, we can completely open up to beauty, just as it is.

That emergent sensing, that stirring of inner response, is the foundation that we can expand and build upon.

Similarly, we hear music, and we like it.

But instead of identifying the specifics and producing thoughts about it, let it be, just as it is, totally open.

Expand it further.

Whatever feeling you have, touch it, taste its flavor as if it were on the tip of your tongue or vibrating on the soft edge of your inner ear.

Before knowing comes in, before judgments such as “Isn’t this wonderful” come, simply see the shining light or the beauty, or hear the sound, without fixating on it.

Let the feeling open itself, merging with the senses, but not going further, not identifying, not even to the point of feeling yourself being aware. 

Joy of Being