More like machines

As our understanding of the human spirit weakens and our educational systems focus almost exclusively on the attainment of materialistic goals, we are forgetting our heritage and losing touch with life’s value and beauty.

Our time is growing shorter and our lives more pressured and automatic.

We are becoming more like machines that we hoped would free us for a happier and more productive life, but which are instead continuing to enmesh us in new and intractable complexities.

Mind over Matter 

Epidemics of our age

Caught up in the busy-ness of our times, many people have the sense of being trapped on a treadmill, pressured in both their private and working lives, and troubled by a feeling that it will never be possible to catch up with time.

They may respond with sensations of panic or by blocking off all sensations; they may experience tremendous stress, confusion, and tension, or fall back into cynicism and a restless search for new forms of entertainment.

Anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are the epidemics of our age, as pervasive and in some ways as deadly as the epidemics that ravaged whole populations in other times and places. 

Mind Over Matter –  Published 2002

My problems

Each of us identifies a different “problem area”. 

But somehow, no matter what it is, it’s always “my”, always “mine”…and always a problem.

I have to live with that problem of mine and carry the weight of the load.

I must: it’s my problem to solve.

Insofar as I have problems, I’m obliged to manage them, care for them, worry about them, and wonder: wonder what is happening, wonder what I can do, wonder what life would be like if this problem had never occurred.

Wondering is as close as most of us get to inquiry.

We define, we extrapolate, we hesitate, and we decide.

Our decisions have consequences , the consequences form chains, causes causing effects which have fresh causes: causal consequences sponsoring continuity.

Case after case gets stacked up in our storehouse of knowledge: all too much, and yet never enough.

This is our experience.

This is how it is.

This is the status quo, our standard operating procedure: going, knowing, ruling – and being ruled, forever.

But beyond going, knowing and ruling, an unconquerable awareness shines.

OK Mantra


Meditation is the foundation of self-development and well-being.

Gradually, almost imperceptibly, meditation transforms the quality of everyday life, stimulating creativity, exercising mental capacities, and integrating body and mind. 

Hidden Mind of Freedom

Unconditional compassion

To work for others, to share and participate in life freely with them, you must see directly that you and they are the same.

Your bodies are the same space, if you probe deeply enough.

Your energies are all drawn from the same time.

Your experiences and aspirations are all ways of using the same knowledge, and remain unified within that knowledge.

We have never moved apart from one another, never become different or separate beings.

Until we see this directly, how can we feel real compassion for our fellow human beings? 

. . . An unconditional compassion must come from deep knowledge.

Then we can all explore the vastness and beauty of space and time together.  

Dimensions of Thought Volume 1


Wherever we look we see change.

Even what seems inalterable in the world around us is in flux in ways that we cannot directly observe.

Change is perhaps the central fact of our existence. 

Knowledge of Freedom 

The natural state is balance

These days, however, most of us depend on external or artificial means to keep healthy and free from pain.

But when we bring ourselves back into balance so that the energy is flowing smoothly, our bodies and minds have the resources to protect themselves.

The cure for sickness is within us—for the natural state is balance. 

Gesture of Balance

Life presents many mysteries

Each and every one of us has the opportunities for questioning, once we decide to look.

We are creating our own path, our own journey.

What meaning can we find in the way events unfold?

Do our actions generate merit?

Do they have value?

These are the questions that religion and philosophy ask, but they are also questions we ask for ourselves.

We can turn our backs on such questions.

We can say, “I do not know; I do not see.”

We can choose to turn control over to forces we cannot observe or control and do not question.

But I believe that this would be a mistake.

We have the possibility of shaping our lives and choosing what has meaning.

That has been my experience, and that is what I want to share.

Life presents many mysteries, but the path to knowledge and understanding lies open before us. 

Creative Journey