‘Everyone’ includes you

No matter what the circumstances, everyone can begin the day with appreciation, learn and grow from the challenges that arise, and go to sleep at night with ease, feeling that they have been of benefit to themselves and others.

Everyone can shine and share, discover new knowledge and a meaningful life. 

‘Everyone’ includes you.

Gesture of Great Love

Peace within themselves

My sense is that most people today are not happy, not balanced, and not at peace with themselves.

The world has become increasingly complex, and people everywhere seem barely able to cope.

Lonely, hopeless, and frustrated, they swing from one crisis to another, trapped in situations they did not create and do not like.

I’m not speaking only of those who are poor, or have health issues, or who lack a decent place to live.

Even people who are comfortable, healthy, and privileged spend their lives irritated and depressed. 

Gesture of Great Love

We must travel for ourselves

This path toward openness, which finds its natural expression in devotion and surrender, is one that we must travel for ourselves.

We cannot rely on friends or lovers; we cannot trust parents; we cannot expect help from society.

There is no one ‘out there’ who can really fulfill us.

Externally we may say, “I have many friends and family. I have my work,” but internally we are very much alone.

Nor is this being alone a sign that something is wrong ‘here’, so that we need to go ‘there’.

It is mostly human nature to be alone.

But this loneliness is also a sign that on our own we can make a fundamental change.

Taking our loneliness as a teaching, we can see that our need for ‘something’ cannot be satisfied through lesser truths or transient, selfish loves. 

Footsteps on the Diamond Path

Healthy, vibrant, and positive

Simply commit yourself to what is healthy, vibrant, and positive.

You can begin slowly: thirty minutes a day of appreciation and joy; of recognizing what is meaningful to you and not getting distracted; of bringing ease to body, breath, and mind.

Then expand: an hour a day, two hours a day, half a day.

How about the rest of your life? 

Gesture of Great Love


Interest keeps faculties alert, and curiosity is an invitation to journey further.

Speculation is an opportunity to know more, and imagination opens worlds of wonder.

Mindfulness supports better understanding, and concentration awakens hidden faculties of mind.

Discriminating insight is a reliable guide, while wisdom goes beyond the known.

Exploration is a valued friend, leading to new insights. 

Gesture of Great Love


Caring keeps vision clear.

Equanimity insulates mind from bias, while serenity maintains balance.

Being at peace is balm for whatever might happen.

Courage is a support, and patience makes it possible to act when obstacles arise.

Diligence prevents abandoning goals.

Acceptance is an ally in every circumstance, while faith and confidence overcome limitations.

Respect brings humility, while shame can be a reminder that something has gone astray.

Awe opens mind to higher realms, and devotion dissolves the limits that come with putting “I” at the center. 

Gesture of Great Love

Play of Light

Whatever is happening, whatever is arising, is a play of light.

You are not separate, not an observer: you, too, are light.

There are no exceptions that anything is going to happen.

There is no story of where the light came from or where it is going.

There is nothing to observe or fix.

Simply be what you already are: open, shining, knowing.

A play of silent light.

Gesture of Great Love

Dissolves all boundaries

So give ease to your mind, your senses, your body, your being.

Let your practice become one of “easing,” allowing a feeling tone so complete, so full of balance and joy that it permeates, body, mind and senses and merges them into a unified field of being.

Give ease so deep and vast that it dissolves all boundaries, passing beyond top, bottom, inside, and outside to completely fill all space vast as the sky, beyond imagination. 

Joy of Being