The Quiet Moments Collection – Compassion

A collection of four books: Compassion, Breath, Contemplation and Inspiration

Give yourself the gift of Compassion


“Compassion is the bridge, the spiritual foundation for peace, harmony and balance”

Tarthang Tulku’s teachings on compassion open our hearts. We may wish to be a loving person with a compassionate heart, ready to help others spontaneously and without reservation. 

The quotes can help. 

As we develop an attitude of openness and generosity, the boundaries between self and other soften, and we develop our full potential as human beings. 

No wonder Rinpoche writes, 

“If there is any way I can learn to increase my compassion or understanding of humanity, then I wish to receive that teaching–wherever–it exists–and take responsibility to use that knowledge to help others.”

Dharma Publishing is offering the Quiet Moments Collection free.

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