The Gift of Quotes Retreat

The Quiet Moments Collection

The Gifts of Quotes Retreat

January 24 -29, 2023 Ratna Ling Retreat Center

When we feel inwardly free and balanced,
inspired by a higher knowledge and vision,
we can cooperate with others to achieve results
far beyond what one individual could hope to accomplish.
Cooperative actions performed for the benefit of all
open up possibilities for unceasing satisfaction,
setting in motion a willingness to share
that could generate invaluable results far into the future.

—Tarthang Tulku

You are invited to join us in a creative 6-day retreat: The Gift of Quotes, led by Barry Schieber.

In our gathering, we will explore and exchange ways in which Quotes of Wisdom, selected from writings of Tarthang Tulku, have brought surprising beauty, peace, joy and insight into our lives. In a simple way reading a quote sparks an instant that quiets the mind and opens the heart. As our familiarity with the quotes grows, appreciation arises for the goodness and inspiration that are awakened within — and a wish to share them with others.  During the workshop, we will create quote programs that reach far and wide into communities, schools, hospices, hospitals, trauma centers, teachers, caretakers, counselors. The possibilities are limitless.

If you sense a connection and enthusiasm to introduce the quotes to the world, and wish to become an envoy, please join us. To learn more:

To learn more about The Quiet Moments Collection:

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