Quotes II P 115

To work for others, to share and participate in life freely with them, you must see directly that you and they are the same.

Your bodies are the same space, if you probe deeply enough.

Your energies are all drawn from the same time.

Your experiences and aspirations are all ways of using the same knowledge, and remain unified within that knowledge.

We have never moved apart from one another, never become different or separate beings.

Until we see this directly, how can we feel real compassion for our human beings?…

An unconditional compassion must come from deep knowledge.

Then we can all explore the vastness and beauty of space and time together.

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One thought on “Quotes II P 115

  1. Love this Quote. Each line is simple, complex, true. The last three lines…. say it all. And as some great, poet singers know as “The Beatles” once sang:

    I am he as you are he as you are me
    And we are all together

    I am You and You are Me, and that’s all there is. Come together. (I added this line)
    Kind of perfect for these most interesting of times.

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