Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments Collection

In the coming weeks we will add to the Quotes’ book series with the introduction of a new collection entitled “Quiet Moments”: Inspiration, Compassion, Contemplation. Breath was previously published.

Over the past few months, while compiling the quotes, working with the design and layout and finally reading each book, I was surprised. I became inspired and recognized what a treasure we have in our midst. I wondered: “How beautiful, where did these come from? This needs to be shared. We need to give this a voice.”

It is time to share this gift and invite more people to help us with creative, challenging new ideas and programs, flush with goodwill, that allow Quotes to be taken to communities throughout the world.

Barry Schieber

We would like to invite you to gather with us for “The Gift of Quotes Retreat”.

To learn more and register, please visit;


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