Mostly all right

It seems to be that most of the time we go through our lives in a kind of routine way, not paying all that much attention. 

For instance, when we are walking down the street, we don’t notice very clearly what’s going around us.

If we were less distracted as we engage in mental activity, could we develop more clarity about how our mind operates?  

Aren’t these questions more for philosophers than for the rest of us? We may not be able to justify our choices in any rigorous way, but we can still choose what we want to do. We may be wrong sometimes, but usually things turn out all right. 

I don’t think you can make that assumption.

In the first place, do things really turn out “all right” most of the time?

Are we being honest about how much suffering goes on in your own life, or in the lives of other people you know?  

Beyond that, it doesn’t seem smart to settle for things being mostly “all right”. 

Dimensions of Mind 

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