Quotes Conversation Special Edition with Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer

“Quotes Conversations Special Edition” is a monthly 75-minute Zoom session featuring a 45-minute interview, followed by Q & A. The program features a special guest who is performing inspiring humanitarian work with grace, intelligence, and open heartedness – someone we all would like to hear and get to know.

So, at this time, when man has the power to completely destroy the earth, it is especially important to develop whatever is beautiful, beneficial, and meaningful, and to practice compassion. Tarthang Tulku

NEXT QCSE SESSION: Sunday March 14, 2021
Time: 10 AM Pacific DAYLIGHT Time (change of time to Daylight time)
Title: “How it is” need not be “how it will be”
To register: https://odiyan.org/quotes-special-edition/

Bio: Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer is the founder and executive director of Hopa Mountain, a nonprofit based in Bozeman, Montana that invests in rural and tribal citizen leaders who are improving education, ecological health, and economic development in their hometowns. Bonnie has more than twenty-five years of experience collaboratively developing community projects in the Northern Rockies. Recently, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, she has increased the scope of Hopa’s activities to support food banks throughout Montana.

Hopa Mountain (Hopamountain.org) is a nonprofit organization committed to developing citizens leaders in rural and tribal communities in the Northern Rockies. The mission of Hopa Mountain is rooted in the principle that local people have within themselves the strength and wisdom to bring about community change. This philosophy challenges individuals and organizations to work toward creating a world as it “ought to be” rather than how it is presently.

Donations for the QCSE interviews are appreciated. Proceeds are dedicated to the works of Tarthang Tulku and his activities to benefit all sentient beings.

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