Relaxation allows mind and thoughts to reveal themselves more directly.

When we are quiet, we can sense that besides the inner dialogues that come and go, mind has a kind of “beingness” quality that is silent, yet complete in itself.

Nothing is missing, nothing needs interpreting.

Simply resting, allowing ourselves to be directly in calmness, we can expand this silent field of mind and touch thoughts more intimately…

Lighter and freer, mind becomes happy and supports happiness throughout your being.

Sustained in turn by a healthy, balanced body, mind becomes your friend and companion, supporting you with more uplifting thoughts and pleasurable feelings.

As obstacles between mind and body melt away, long-held tensions and neurotic patterns begin to fade, and senses transmit ever richer perceptions.

All aspects of your being merge into an integrated whole, a complete and perfect embodiment.

This mind and body marriage can be the basis for a truly interesting and exciting life.

Joy of Being

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