The price is not too high

The issue is actually quite simple. If the merit of your efforts outlives the energy you give, the price is not too high to pay.

Mind over Matter 


If you receive a daily quote you have an interest in the development of your own mind and heart.  Beyond the aspiration of the self, there may be a wish for the well-being of others.

A favorite quote or many quotes may have opened a warmth of understanding and openness — a breath of relaxation, appreciation, clarity or an ineffable feeling of balance. 

In the Gift of Quotes Retreat January 24-29, we will gather to deepen our understanding and create programs that can be beneficial in our communities. Outreach programs that can be introduced to professionals – e.g. hospices, hospitals, schools, therapists, grief centers, dog groomers, veterans, senior citizen centers, book clubs, addiction centers, suicide prevention counselors…..

You are welcome to join the retreat. If you are unable to attend but have some ideas please get in touch. 


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