Our life experiences

Yet very few individuals use their life experiences in such an empowering and energizing ways.

Focusing on the future or sorting through memories of the past-planning, worrying, imagining what may or may not come about and speculating upon how best to respond to endless “what if’s”-our minds are far away from the immediacy of the present.

We tend not to notice what our eyes are seeing, our ears hearing, and our bodies sensing, or even what is going on in our minds.

Of all that we do every day, we remember very little, and the quality of our experience is dulled by mind’s lack of attentiveness.

In this situation, it can be difficult to enjoy the full measure of our life experiences, and even more difficult to learn from them.

This is deeply unfortunate, since the ability to learn from experience is among the most precious benefits life offers.

Introduction to Revelations of Mind 

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