We must travel for ourselves

This path toward openness, which finds its natural expression in devotion and surrender, is one that we must travel for ourselves.

We cannot rely on friends or lovers; we cannot trust parents; we cannot expect help from society.

There is no one ‘out there’ who can really fulfill us.

Externally we may say, “I have many friends and family. I have my work,” but internally we are very much alone.

Nor is this being alone a sign that something is wrong ‘here’, so that we need to go ‘there’.

It is mostly human nature to be alone.

But this loneliness is also a sign that on our own we can make a fundamental change.

Taking our loneliness as a teaching, we can see that our need for ‘something’ cannot be satisfied through lesser truths or transient, selfish loves. 

Footsteps on the Diamond Path

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