Sense of ownership

When ‘me,’ ‘myself’ and ‘my’ experience are central to our perspective, we may feel a strong need to protect them.

If we lack awareness of what is happening, we may cling tightly to this me-centered realm, which wraps around us like an impenetrable shell.

Now we have locked away everything that contemplation would normally nourish: a sense of wonder of being, an open, receptive attitude, and awareness.

Even after practicing methods and techniques and taking many classes, programs and retreats, even after a long spiritual journey, this may be where we end up. 

So sad and limiting, this sense of ownership that separates and isolates!

Sad because we will have to struggle a long time before we can let it go. Sad, also, because we cannot manifest and share the true benefits of contemplation. 

Revelation of Mind 

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