Inner breath

Developing the subtle, inner breath can make us tranquil.

It can completely relieve us of all our tensions or blockages, all negative emotions that make us so rigid.

We have learned to think that we have only one way of being, that fundamentally there are no solutions to our problems.

Thinking this way, we don’t want to move, we don’t want to think in any other way.

We become absolutely rigid.

In the end we may despair, even to the point of considering suicide, because there is no way out.    

Conventionally , we try to deal with this kind of situation through new thoughts, new insights, perhaps new experiences.

But this is to stay on the same level.

There may be a much simpler way, one that we begin to touch as soon as we learn to control the breath. 

Footsteps on the Diamond Path Volume I-III

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