Appreciate our work

All of us want the best out of life.

We want to be happy and healthy, to truly enjoy and appreciate our work.

Yet, while we strive for these things, we often end up dissatisfied. We may have a good home, family, friends: in short, a “good“ life.

But if we do not appreciate our work, then almost half of our lives—a good portion each waking day—is spent doing something we do not truly care about, that we would rather not be doing.

We may spend so much of our lives feeling frustrated and unfulfilled that we never awaken to the real joy of living.

We may begin to postpone our chances for real satisfaction to sometime in the future.

Perhaps when we reach our goals, or even after death, our reward will come.

But death will claim us, life will end—will we have experienced more than a moment of true appreciation?

Will there be a feeling of satisfied contentment for the life which has passed? 

Skillful Means 

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