My problems

Each of us identifies a different “problem area”. 

But somehow, no matter what it is, it’s always “my”, always “mine”…and always a problem.

I have to live with that problem of mine and carry the weight of the load.

I must: it’s my problem to solve.

Insofar as I have problems, I’m obliged to manage them, care for them, worry about them, and wonder: wonder what is happening, wonder what I can do, wonder what life would be like if this problem had never occurred.

Wondering is as close as most of us get to inquiry.

We define, we extrapolate, we hesitate, and we decide.

Our decisions have consequences , the consequences form chains, causes causing effects which have fresh causes: causal consequences sponsoring continuity.

Case after case gets stacked up in our storehouse of knowledge: all too much, and yet never enough.

This is our experience.

This is how it is.

This is the status quo, our standard operating procedure: going, knowing, ruling – and being ruled, forever.

But beyond going, knowing and ruling, an unconquerable awareness shines.

OK Mantra

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