A while ago I sent a quotation to a professor friend of mine. Months later I learned he had posted it on his refrigerator door. I was surprised. He was a gifted teacher, dedicated to teaching and inspiring his students as well as all who knew him. I realized he knew how important a quote can be to open ourselves to greater insight and knowledge.

The refrigerator holds our sources for nourishment, vitality, and comfort for our bodies. 

Somehow the door has become a message board for memories, reminders, lists, beautiful images of family, friends, pets, wishes, and dreams.  

A focal point of everyday life.

Here, the contemplative quote was placed…all alone.

Throughout history storytelling has been a source of transmitting knowledge. Quotations often have a startling power to awaken us. We may remember our favorite quotes all our lives. Imagine, when we might have forgotten places, names, experiences we may still remember a line from a poem, a story, a conversation or a quote. 

A timely quote interrupts our rush through life. It creates a pause, an unexpected opening, an insight or knowing without interpretation or words. It reaches deeper, inviting a moment of contemplation that can jolt us from our habitual ways of believing or behaving.

Quotes provides an opportunity to reflect, share, heal and expand. No wonder we like to share them with others.

From the refrigerator door, quotes have traveled throughout the world to schools, hospitals, trauma centers, yoga studios, artist workshops, churches, temples, sailors, therapists, hospices, trainers, accountants, doctors, nurses, wildlife biologists….

Quotes can nourish and enrich everyone. 

Reach out and share a quote.

Barry Schieber

The quotes taken from Tarthang Tulku’s books have been compiled in a Quotes Trilogy and a Quotes Companion. Everyday a quote is available through email or on the website.

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