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Trauma Center

Thank you for staying in touch. And again, thank you for your generous gifts of the Quotes books to help send support to our clients.

I appreciate the open and nonjudgmental space to share how the Quotes books have impacted our clients. We have shared them with both our shelter residents and our weekly support group clients. Sadly, my initial curiosity about how our target population might react to the books was mostly accurate. They did not deeply resonate. As I suggested was a possibility before, the survivors of violence who we are working with are still too close to their trauma to think deeply and broadly about their past, present, and future, as the Quotes so generously and lovingly encourage.

Simply put, they are absolutely not ready to seek the deeper meaning from their experiences. They are trying to survive day-to-day, plagued with questions like where to live and how to get their kids back from Child & Family Services. The deeper level of thought suggested by the Quotes books is beyond their current capacity.

Again, I trust you know that I think the Quotes books are wonderful and I believe they will give great gifts to those who are ready for them. This experience can be further data that trauma survivors who are still so steeped in recovery are not counted in the “ready” group.  

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