Seeking benefit

Mind is always seeking benefit.

Sometimes it tells you that the benefit is over here, other times it tells you that the benefit is somewhere else.

You do your best to follow its lead, to live by the rules.

If you think you have done so successfully, you stand back, filled with a sense of accomplishment.

You put your achievement on a pedestal. You patent it, and you own it.                                                     

This is perfectly natural, but it also leads nowhere.   

Everyone is always looking for a purpose—if you don’t have a purpose, the mind tells you are a nobody, and you agree: “Yes, I am a nobody.”

You give in totally to being nobody.

But that is mind-manipulation.

You accept its biases, and you give in to the black and white thinking of “I am” and “I am not.”

You are still clinging to concepts and language. 

Creative Journey 

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