Building positive energy

Sit quietly and relax tension in the body. Do a few gentle head rotations and relax some more. Then focus lightly on the breath, letting the sense of breathing as an ongoing activity expand into the whole of your sense of being embodied, and also into whatever sense fields may be active, such as seeing or hearing.

After a few minutes of breathing in this relaxed way, take a deep breath and be aware of how the diaphragm expands to allow air to enter the body.

You should have the sense of the abdomen rising and falling. Take a few breaths like this. If you are not sure you are breathing into the belly, you can put one hand on the belly and experience how it rises and falls with each breath.

When you are comfortable with this way of breathing, take a deep breath, let it expand into the abdomen, as fully as possible, and then hold the breath. Draw the abdomen in a little toward your spine. Let the belly be warm and energetic and lightly focus there. Hold the breath for a little while, just past the point of comfort, still very relaxed. Then slowly release the breath.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, letting the feeling of warmth in the belly flow through the body and especially into the heart.

Let this inner massage bring a sense of joy and well-being. 

Dimensions of Mind 

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