Evaluation of Quotes of Wisdom

This week we had some interruptions in delivering the daily quotes into your email boxes. We think we have solved the problem and will continue to improve the transmission.

Sorry for any inconvenience or longings this may have created. Or, perhaps, you may have wondered how come there were no quotes. Or you may not have noticed their absence.

The pause has provided an opportunity for us to evaluate the Quotes of Wisdom blog.

If you could take a few moments to answer the following questions, it would help us to improve and share these thoughtful, timeless ideas. 

  1. When you notice Quotes of Wisdom has arrived and before opening, what is your first feeling? 
  2. Have the Quotes led you to further inquiry or contemplation?
  3. How often do you share the Quotes?
  4. In your busy life, are the Quotes relevant?

Please send your responses to

Thank you.

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