Nourished Within

But in fact, we often fool ourselves about what is really going on in our lives.

We imagine that we are having rich experiences, but that may just be on the conceptual level.

Can we really say that we feel nourished within?

Wonderful treasures are available—love, joy, happiness—but we have thrown away the key that would give us access to them.

On the one hand we are so committed to controlling our situation that we refuse to allow feelings to enter in at all.

On the other hand, we try to control each new situation we encounter, and the result is that we shut down our feelings of joy and the other treasures that life offers us.

It’s a strange trade we make.

We give up our positive feelings, but we hold on tightly to our anger, our confusion, and cravings.

And what do we get in return?

Fantasy, imagination, temporary pleasures, and an endless stream of thoughts.

Or suppose we do have positive experiences.

Most of us do not have a companion to help us make positive choices, so there is no way to share whatever sweetness we may experience. 

Interviewer: You make it sound very grim. 

It is grim. We are losing our humanity.

You could say we are almost bankrupt. 

Dimensions of Mind

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