Nurturing Potential

Everyone is born into a life full of rich and nurturing potential. If they contact it, their lives become meaningful.

We know from our own experience what it is like to be cut off from inner healing, so it is easy to develop sympathy for others in the same situation.

In the beginning, we can focus on our friends and those close to us, but eventually we can have the wish to help anyone, even people who have not been kind to us. We understand the way their minds operate, and we can recognize in them the same kinds of emotionality and ignorance that we have experienced ourselves.

The more deeply we connect with our own inner knowing, the more we find it natural to devote ourselves to acting in worthy ways.

Each thought, each perception, each feeling, each gesture is an opportunity for uplifting the lives of others. We recognize how important it is to see with more clarity, and we want to contribute whatever knowledge we embody.

We can choose generosity and healing gestures, because we know that acting in this way is the gateway to the riches that life offers.

Dimensions of Mind

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