Tibetan Meditation P 63


When we feel that our emotions may be taking control of us, this simple self-healing exercise can help us to relax and to reach a state of mind in which we can merely observe our emotions and then let them go. In times of heightened emotional difficulties, practice this exercise each morning and evening for twenty minutes at a time.

  1. Sit quietly and relax any tension in your body. Concentrating on the belly, exhale fully, relaxing the abdomen. Inhale; hold the breath in the gut. Still holding the breath, energize the gut, creating warmth there: make the belly area bigger, relaxing into the feeling that arises. Feel the energy; let your body be sensitive and relaxed, smooth and light like milk mixed with water. Hold to the point of discomfort, then slowly release.
  2. Sit quietly, letting inner warmth rise from the belly to calm and relax your field of contemplation. Distribute this feeling throughout the body: into the cells, tissues, organs and muscles; inside the tissues of the face and neck, the back, chest and arms, the hands and the fingers, legs and feet. Even thoughts and images can be bathed in warm, gentle, calm, and relaxing feelings. Let this inner massage of feelings circulate throughout your body. During the day remember the warmth of that feeling and the joy that accompanies it. Repeat steps 1 and 2 three or nine times in all.
  3. Concentrate lightly on your heart, and let the feelings of inner warmth generated from the belly relax and heal the heart with love and joy. Let go of any feelings of failure or guilt. Encourage awareness and give space to the full-bodied energy of cherishing what is positive. Allow yourself to appreciate your natural intelligence and caring, your strengths and abilities, and the value of all that you are doing.

Tibetan Meditation p 63

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